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JAMES G. KING & CO. (Bankers, New York)

Part Cheque for £350 payable to Sir Patrick Colquhoun, (1815-1891, Q.C., Chief Justice of the Ionian Islands, Secretary of Leander Club), drawn on Baring Brothers, London, endorsed by him to Messrs Glyn & Co., no date, c.

Item Date:  1875
Stock No:  20114      £25

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JAYAJIRAO SCINDIA (Shrimant, 1834-1886, Maharajah of Gwalior from 1843-1886)

Long Clerk Written letter in English, in purple ink, signed in Hindi script to Dr James Macbeth, "Deputy Surgeon General, Her Majesty's British Forces" saying that it is "with mixed feelings of gratitude, admiration and esteem that I have asked you to visit me in open Durbar today to afford me an opportunity of thus publicly offering my most grateful thanks. It was no further back than 1869 where thro' the gracious consideration of the then Viceroy now Lord Lawrence communicated to me by Col. Showers the Resident and Genl. Chamberlain commanding the District, I first had the good fortune to obtain the professional advice of so eminent a physician as yourself at a time when my life was dispaired of. No sooner had you taken my care in hand than in a few days you had my dangerous enemy under control, by your great skill, firmness, and decision you shortly restored me to perfect health. Not only I myself but several of my state officers and a large number of my subjects have participated into yr kind attention, your admirable skill, and your natural benevolence. To no-one was your aid ever refused no matter of what colour, creed or class in the various walks of life. Whenever there has been cholera, small pox or dangerous disease you were in the midst of it, doing good. By this means yr name is well known in the Gwalior circle as in many other places .... even the deadly poison of the Cobra ... not beyond the range of your praiseworthy science as there are several of my own and the subjects under the Crown alive to testify ..." he continues at length expressing his gratitude saying that he will "now allude to and express publicly the circumstances to which I owe yr presence at Gwalior in this occasion as my guest, medical adviser, and highly esteemed friend. From instructions you had the foresight to leave in my hands I discovered the return of the deadly enemy to my health and without delay went to the fountain head for aid ... after a short time I found myself once more restored to health, comfort and peace of mind. As a token of my esteem ... I have with much pleasure resolved to confer on you in this Durbar the title of 'Honorary Consulting Physician to H. H. the Maharajah Scindia' and in order to perpetuate your name in my Kingdom request you will be kind enough to accept it ...", he sends thanks to several officers and ends with best wishes for "a long life and bodily strength so that he may continue to labour in the fields of science and usefulness ...", 10 sides 4to., letter head of the Maharajah, Gwalior Campoo Palace, 15th June worn at folds and slightly soiled

Item Date:  1874
Stock No:  39515      £375

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[JOACHIM (Prince, 1890-1920, youngest son of Kaiser Wilhelm II) and his wife MARIE AUGUSTE (1898-1983, daughter of Prince Eduard, Duke, 1918, of Anhalt)]

Unsigned Portrait Postcard Photograph, by Adolf Hartmann of Dessau, showing them full length, nearly full face, as engaged couple, he in military greatcoat, she in dark jacket, skirt and hat and a fox fur stole, in a garden, 5½" x 3½", no place, no date but circa

Item Date:  1915
Stock No:  54778      £65

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[JOACHIM (Prince, 1890-1920, youngest son of Kaiser Wilhelm II)]

Unsigned Portrait Postcard Photograph, by Sandau-Sellin of Berlin, showing him standing three quarter length, nearly full face, hands on hips, in full dress military uniform with spiked helmet, 5½" x 3½", published by the Neue Photographische Gesellschaft, no place, dated in pencil on the back 17th November small stain in bottom left corner of blank margin

Item Date:  1910
Stock No:  54777      £55

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JOACHIM (Prince, 1890-1920, youngest son of Kaiser Wilhelm II, married Princess Marie-Auguste of Anhalt, committed suicide after his father's abdication)

Charming Cabinet Photograph by Eugen Kegel of Cassel & Elberfeld, identified in his mother's hand, showing him full length, in period dress in a studio setting

Item Date:  1896
Stock No:  37111      £325

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