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July 09


On this day in 1916 Sir Edward Heath was born. Heath became Prime Minister after winning the 1970 election. In 1971 he oversaw the decimalisation of British coinage. Most significantly, he took Britain into the European Economic Community in 1973. In 1855 Lord Raglan died at the age of 66. He was commander of the British troops sent to the Crimea in 1854. While his primary objective was to defend Constantinople he was ordered to besiege the Russian Port of Sevastopol. After an early success at the Battle of Alma, a failure to deliver orders with sufficient clarity caused the fateful Charge of the Light Brigade at the Battle of Balaclava. Raglan died later that month from a mixture of dysentery and clinical depression.

SCOTTISH NATIONALISM, 1968 HEATH (Sir Edward, 1916-2005, Prime Minister) Typed Letter Signed and Subscribed to Geoffrey F.A. Best, (b. 1928, Professor of History, Edinburgh University, 1966-1974), saying he is “glad we had ... at least a brief word about Scottish Nationalism” and that “John MacGregor had a most interesting ... discussion”, Heath assures Best he “does not treat lightly the feelings of many in Scotland that they are being neglected by Central Government”, picking out “three reasons in particular”, namely “over the past ten years ... the exceptionally heavy run down in its basic industries as a result of technological change”, 2 separate sides 4to, House of Commons, 31st January 1968 56552

RAGLAN (Lord FitzRoy Somerset, 1788-1855, British Commander in the Crimea, Field Marshal) Autograph Letter Signed ‘Fitzroy Somerset’, to ‘My dear Sir’, asking him “to see Mr Wood”, who “will explain to you that a retired Officer of the Indian Navy is at this moment employed as Superintendent of Marine at Calcutta”, and that after this officer had retired from the Navy, “Lord Auckland”, “offered him a situation on the Upper Indus which his health at the time prevented his accepting”, but “he is now perfectly well”, 2 sides 8vo., no place, no date, circa 1840, 55429

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