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May 25


On this day in 1879 W Maxwell Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook was born. The young Max Aitken had a gift for making money and was a millionaire by 30. His business ambitions quickly exceeded what was then available to him in Canada and he moved to England. There he befriended Bonar Law and with his support won a seat in the House of Commons at the general election in 1910. A knighthood followed shortly after. He went on to become a close friend of Winston Churchill. WINSTON WRITES TO MAX - “GOOD FORTUNE TIES ME BY THE LEGS” CHURCHILL (Sir Winston Spencer, 1874-1965, Prime Minister) Superb Typed Letter Signed (“W”) to his friend and colleague “Max” BEAVERBROOK (Lord, 1879-1964, Newspaper Proprietor & Statesman) thanking him for his letter and the promise “to give me the photograph from the ‘Daily Express’ which I should very much like to see ...”, he then goes on to say that he “cannot accept your offer of the house. I am tied up here and my plans are still vague. Owing to winning a £6,000 race yesterday I have moved into the Derby sphere, which I cannot desert, so I cannot take your most attractive proposal. Good fortune ties me by the legs ..”, 1 side 4to., Chartwell, Westerham headed paper, 20th April 1945 34611 BEAVERBROOK (Max Aitken, 1879-1964, Newspaper Proprietor & Statesman, from 1917 1st Baron) Typed Letter Signed to Herbert S. Gunn, 1903-1962, editor of the Evening Standard 1944-1952, saying he will “not bother to write words of praise of the Standard, though I could think of many. But I am a critic ...”, hoping that “the leader on the Doctors”, which he liked, was passed by the policy committee, Whitehead’s advertisement note was financial news, “not up to the standard of the Diary ... Keep an eye on Baxter. His notes of November 16th on the Theatre were hurried ...”, 1 side 4to., Cromarty, Montego Bay, Jamaica, 26th November no year, circa 1950 52755

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