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ADELAIDE (Of Saxe-Meiningen, 1792-1849,Queen of William IV)

Autograph biblical quotation signed with initials, "Phil IV 7 The Peace of God, which passeth all undersatndin, shall keep your hearts & minds, through Christ Jesus ...", 1 side card with embossed decorative border, no place,

Item Date:  1840
Stock No:  39408      £95

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ALBERT (Prince, 1819-1861, Consort of Queen Victoria)

Unsigned Autograph memorandum to Edgar A. BOWRING (1826-1911, Translator, Author and Civil Servant) who was organising the Exhibition, it is headed "Bowring, to be amended that 1st Report Page 50 states that the next willl contain the continuation of accounts from 1st of March. In passage relating to difficulty of obtaining space for building reference should be made to the difficulties we had in our way when erecting the Building for the Exhibition & to the difficulty of using any of the Parks from vested and public interests ...", endorsed and signed by the recipientwith the date, "Autograph of H.R.H. Prince Albert", 2 sides 8vo., no place, 14th May with a contemporary engravingof Albert

Item Date:  1852
Stock No:  39407      £375

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[ALBERT VICTOR (Christian Edward, Duke of Clarence, 1864-1892, Eldest Son of Edward VII)]

Early unsigned Carte-de-visite Portrait Photograph by Disdéri of Paris and London, showing the young Prince in a lacy dress, seated in a large chair, 4" x 2½", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  166
Stock No:  39430      £175

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[ALEXANDER II ('The Liberator', 1818-1881, Emperor of Russia from 1855), ALFRED (Duke of Edinburgh & Saxe-Coburg Gotha, 1844-1900, 2nd Son of Queen Victoria, Admiral of the Fleet, General of the Prussian Army), his wife MARIE (1853-1900, Daughter of Alexander II Emperor of Russia) & ALEXIS ALEXANDROVITCH (1850-1908, Grand Duke, Uncle of Tsar Nicholas II)]

Rare unsigned carte de visite photo with the stationer's stamp of Clark's of Harrogate showing them three-quarter length with theTsar seated and his family around him, 4" x 2½", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1880
Stock No:  39428      £175

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[ALEXANDRA (of Denmark, 1844-1925, his Queen), with her daughter LOUISE (1867-1931, Princess)]

Delightful unsigned carte de visite photo by Downey showing the the young mother with her daughter on her back, 4" x 2½", no place, no date,

Item Date:  1867
Stock No:  39432      £75

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