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BEATTY (Sir William, 1773-1843, Irish Surgeon in the Royal Navy)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to J. G. Akerman Esq saying he is "sorry it is not convenient for me to attend the ... Board this day. Colonel Skerith, who is, I believe, a large shareholder has requested me to suggest in his name, the allotment of the unappropriated shares amongst the Proprietors, with the sanction of a Genl Meeting, in the same ratio as they were allotted in the Railway Company. This certainly seems available, but perhaps the directors, with the able assistance of Mr Wheeler, may diving some better plan ...", annotated on the verso in another hand that "Beatty cut the Bullet out of Nelson", 1 side 8vo., Royal Infirmary, 25th September

Item Date:  1837
Stock No:  39136      £1475

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BLYTON (Enid Mary, 1897-1968, Children's author, Creator of Noddy)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed 'Enid Blyton' to Miss Olive Clarke of the Little Green Lane School in Birmingham, thanking her for her letter and saying she is glad "the Aquarium is progressing ..." sending her the details of Wortley National school which "has been kind enough to offer to send flowers or nature specimens to a Town school. The teacher wrote such a nice letter & I think it would be lovely if your school & hers could both benefit by the linking up. I have told her that you will pay postage - or repay her kindness in some way ... but that you will doubtless arrange between you ....", she ends by saying that she is "quite touched by your P.S. How nice of the old boys & girls to ask about me. You must tell them that I often think of my old friends and I always wish them the best of luck when they go out in the world! ...." and sends her love to her current pupils, with a postscript that she thinks "Wortley's children would love to have letters from your children", also included is a postcard photo of several schoolchildren annotated on the verso with their names and "Love from Wortley", 2 sides 4to., with original autograph envelope, Old Thatch, Bourne End, Bucks, 16th March

Item Date:  1933
Stock No:  39121      £475

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BOUGHTON (George Henry, R.A., 1833-1905, Anglo-American Landscape and Genre Painter, Illustrator and Writer)

Autograph Letter Signed on a correspondence card to Miss Schlerner saying that she is "sweetly kind in your remembrance of my fragile promise. (It may bend, but I hope it won't break). The days you give me are already 'mine no more'. My American friends are coming in such clouds that I have got into a whirlpool of 'fun days' - I fear the trees will bloom and turn to ripe fruit ere I get a breathing spell ... I cannot hope to be able to help gather the apples at least the green ones ... that will be something to look forward to ...", 2 sides card, West House, Campden Hill headed card, Sunday, no date, slightly creased in centre not affecting the text

Item Date:  1886
Stock No:  39137      £45

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BURGOYNE (Sir John Fox, 1782-1871, Engineer, Field Marshal)

Autograph Letter Signed to Wm Parker Hammond Junr Esq saying that "without assuming to have any claim to be classed among the 'eminent persons of science' to which you allude I can have no possible objection to contribute my autograph, to be introduced into any collection you may be forming & if you wish it in any other shape than by this note, I shall be happy to forward it ...", 2 sides 8vo., 87 Pall Mall, 29th October

Item Date:  1850
Stock No:  39133      £95

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CHAPLIN (Lita Grey, 1908-1995, American Juvenile Actress and wife (1924) of Charlie Chaplin)

Portrait photo by Maurice Seymour of Chicago, signed and inscribed, showing her head and shoulders, full face, one cheek resting on her clasped hands, 7" x 5", date pencilled below

Item Date:  1936
Stock No:  52186      £65

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