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ALEXEI ALEXANDROVICH (1850-1908, Grand Duke of Russia, 4th son of Alexander II of Russia and his wife Maria Alexandrovna)

Fine Russian original albumen carte-de visite photograph by Sergey Levitsky signed "Alexis" on the mount showing him three quarters length facing the camera wearing a long military coat, 4½" x 2½", no place, no date but circa

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  41742      £575

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AOSTA (Duchess of, Maria Letizia Bonaparte, 1866-1926, one of the three children of Prince Napoléon and Princess Maria Clotilde of Savoy, wife of Prince Amadeo, Duke of Aosta, former King of Spain)

Fine Portrait Photo by the Studio Lovazzano e Sorella in Turin, Signed "Letizia" and inscribed in French, "To the delicious baby Roger Masure" with the place and date, showing her half length backwards and turning towards the camera, leaning on a railing and looking pensive, 6¼" x 4½" in mount 9½" x 7", Turin,

Item Date:  1913
Stock No:  41729      £475

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BARNARDO (Dr. Thomas John, 1845-1905, founder of the Homes for Destitute Children)

Fine Typed Letter Signed to Miss Theodora Lisle PRANKHERD (1878-1939, British Botanish who worked on the growth of ferns and Lecturer) saying he "cannot tell you the joy and delight that your letter gave me. You are probably aware that I have been laid aside for some little time from active participation in my work, and am dictating this lying in my room. Happily I am not in any pain, but I am compelled to be quiet for some weeks, so as to give complete rest to a dilated heart ... First let me congratulate you heartily upon the attainment of the Scholarship, of which this money is a part. I haven't followed closely your career a a student, but I have heard a little now and then, when I have met your father, about you, and am proud to remember that the small child whom I know so well in Hackney ten or twelve years ago has developed into a successful student who has already made her mark and won some of the prizes of life. But perhaps I am more pleased to discern in your letter the under-currrent that tells of one who is seeking to follow and to serve Christ. May God bless you my dear girl. I cannot but remember that I have known you from a child, and have known your parents too ... how shall I thank you sufficiently for your gift? I really don't know how to. I must leave your own kind thoughts to tell you of the pleasure your gift has caused me. I shall send with this our official receipt for it, and as we are just now preparing a party of girl emigrants to Canada, who will probably (God willing) sail some time in June, it will not be difficult to comply with your wish' but unfortunately I cannot do it as I write, as I shall have to communicate with my lady helper who has the preparation of the Canadian parties in her hands, and she is hoping to call upon me on Saturday afternoon next, when I will tell her of your kindness, and I have no doubt you will have such a photograph as you wish, and a short account of the child, so that you may be led to take a continued interest in her welfare, and to pray for her amid the difficulties which are sure to meet a young girl making her first start in life in a distant land. I hope when you write you will give my kind regards to your father and mother ... I seldom, if ever, hear from them, but I have no doubt they are too busy to write unless they have occasion to do so. I would like also very much when you have the time to hear again from you and to know a little bit of what you are doing ... I thought you had gone in for medicine, but perhaps I am referring to a sister of yours ...", 2 sides A4, St Leonard's Lodge, Surbiton, 7th May

Item Date:  1901
Stock No:  41736      £475

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BETJEMAN (Sir John, 1906-1982, Poet Laureate)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to "Dear Miss Roberts" telling her that "there is a very distinguished Archivist attached to Barts Hospital & it would be better if you wrote to him. As you know Barts the ... & the Hospital are closely linked. I am too much of an amateur to be of any use. I have forgotten the Archivist's name ..." with a postscript asking her to forgive his "handwriting - this is written on an SR Train!", j(Southern Rail), 1side 8vo., 43 Cloth Fair, EC1, 2nd November

Item Date:  1966
Stock No:  41730      £275

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BLACKWOOD (Lady Alicia, 1818-1913, Painter and Nurse)

Autograph Letter Signed to "Richard & Emily" telling them that "while wrapping up the enclosed - I must express as well as I can my very sincere thanks for all your kind attentions to me & all the love you have shown me which has made my little sojourn here so very happy - but more especially do I desire to thank Our Heavenly Father for all the spiritual communion & fellowship which I have truly enjoyed - & which if it pleases Him to spare me I shall hope again to enjoy in the Spring after a visit from yourselves to me D.V. in January, when I trust I may reciprocate some of that love & affection which you have shown me & which has made me so happy. May Our dear Lord & Saviour ever watch over you & bless you & make you both a blessing to the sheep committed to your care - & may He guide us all, in which I desire with kindest love to include yr dear Aunt to follow Him until He lead us into those Heavenly Mansions which He is gone to prepare for His redeemed ...", 3 sides 8vo., together with an original photo of the old lady sitting on a bench in a garden, 3¼" x 2¼", 'Upstairs', Kinneridge, 14th September

Item Date:  1898
Stock No:  41753      £275

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