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BARROW (Sir John, 1764-1848, Secretary of the Admiralty)

Autograph address front signed, marked 'Private' addressed to Davies Gilbert in Westminster but with the address crossed out, altered to East Bourne, Sussex, postmarked December

Item Date:  1827
Stock No:  40902      £25

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BEATRIX (b. 1938, Queen of the Netherlands) & her husband CLAUS (1926-2002)

Fine Coloured photograph by Max KOOT signed by both showing the couple half length in informal clothes, smiling at the camera, 7½" x 6" in a fine green leather presentation frame by Smythson with her crest at the head, 9¾" x 7½", no place, no date but circa

Item Date:  1985
Stock No:  40869      £775

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BERLIOZ (Hector, 1803-1869, French Composer), Baron Isidore TAYLOR (1789-1879, Belgian-born French playwright and philanthropist), Pierre ZIMMERMAN (1785-1853, French pianist, pedagogue and composer), Achille COMTE(1802-1866, French doctor, zoologist and physiologist), Francois Edouard PICOT (1786-1868, French Neo-Classical painter), Jean-Delphin ALARD (1815-1888, French violinist), Paul LACROIX (1806-1884, French scholar), Jean-Baptiste-Joseph TOLBECQUE(1797-1869, Belgian violinist, conductor and composer), Achille JUBINAL (1810-1875, French politician), Fromental HALEVY (1799-1862, French composer), Adolphe ADAM (1803-1856, French composer of the ballet Giselle), Emmanuel GONZALES(1815-1887, French novelist and playwright) and Charles-Marie BOUTON (1781-1853, French Painter)

Clerk written Letter in French Signed by Berlioz and many others addressed to "Monsieur" saying that "Wishing to come to the assistance of honourable unfortunate people, the three associations of artists, painters, sculptors, engravers, architects and illustrators, musicians and men of letters, each of them hosting a yearly ball in aid of their relief fund, met today to arrange a gala that will take place on the 3rd February in the Jardin d'Hiver; would you please accept the role of ball commissioner, and join your efforts with ours to make the event more successful. Please accept the assurance of our consideration ...", 1 side folioo n the printed stationery of the Comite de l'Association du Artistes, Paris, 22nd January

Item Date:  1849
Stock No:  40899      £975

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CHARLES II (1630-1685, King of Great Britain)

Superb Clerk Written Document signed at the head to "Our Right Trusty and Right Wellbeloved Cousin and Counsellor Richard Earle of Arran Our Deputy of Our Kingdome of Ireland and to Our Lieutenant, Deputy, or other Chief Governor or Governors thereof ..." telling him that "Whereas Mary formerly wife to William Sarsfield of Lucan in Our Kingdome of Ireland Esq, now Wife to William Fanshaw Esq hath by her humble Petition ... represented unto Us, that notwithstanding Our many favourable and gracious intentions, promises and Grants to her said late Husband ... for her sake, and in favour of her, and her Children by him, yet by some arts and practises which certain persons of that Our Kingdome have used in the time of his sickness or since her said Husband's death, she and her said Children by him do still continue without the effect of those Our gracious intentions towards them; And we being particularly informed by the said Petition that Sir Theophilus Jones doth still detaine a great part of the Estate of the said William Sarsfield,though he be fully (and as We are informed more than sufficiently) reprised for all that the said William Sarsfield's Estate in Our Kingdome of Ireland by a Grant or Grants of Concealed Lands in that Kingdome, which We made unto him ... in lieu of, & compensation for the Mannor of Lucan, and other the Estates of the said William Sarsfield, which Mannor and Estate should have been thereupon Surrendred by him ... We are therefore graciously pleased hereby to require and Authorize you to informe your Selfe by the best means you can concerning all the matters in the said Petition ... or others to the frustrating of Our said gracious intentions towards the said Mary and her Children ... And particularly whether the said Sir Theophilus Jones hath not past Letters Patents for Eight Hundred pounds a yeare Concealed Lands according to the valuations contained in Our Lieutenant and Councills Bookes of that Our Kingdome of Ireland ... and then to give Us a particular account of the whole state of that Affaire that We may thereupon give such Orders as shall be thought just and requisite ... as likewise all other favours and Advantages granted or intended to be granted to the said William Sarsfield, were Solely and Absolutely done by Us for the benefit and provision of the said Mary and Her Children ..." countersigned by Sir Leoline JENKINS (1623-1685, Diplomatist, Secretary of State), 3 sides folio, Court at Whitehall, "27th day of Feruary 1683/4 in the Six and Thirtieth yeare of Our Reigne",

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40906      £5250

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CHARLES XV (1826-1872, King of Sweden and Charles IV of Norway)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed in French with translation to 'Madam' saying he "received a letter from you last summer. It has given me great pleasure in proving to me that I am not outside the sphere of your remembrance and that you also remembered the once so happy times. You judge me, Madam, with the same sagacity of mind as in the past and yet time has had a wintry effect on this once poetical and ardent (fiery) heart. I would ask you to pardon the delay in my reply, but your request came at a moment when everything was at a standstill and it is only now that matters having become more settled that I am in a position to fulfil your wish, as I did not wish for a third person to be mixed up in this matter. I am glad that I have been able to help your son and I wish him all the best for the success of his talents. It is a pity that he has not become a soldier, it is the only calling where real glory can be gained and where one can think and act as a gentleman in spite of the materialism of our times. As for myself, I remain body and soul a soldier and I have only one wish which is to die on the battlefield and not in bed. I can see you smiling and saying to yourself 'he is still a madcap'. Well, I possess this madness and this hope, placing my destiny in the hands of Providence. Good-bye, Madam, I have chattered too much, but with you I have done it so often, that it has become second nature with me and overtakes me at a galloping pace. Mad or not, original if you like ...", 3 sides 8vo., on his crested letterhead, no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40903      £675

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