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GÉRÔME (Jean-Léon, 1824-1904, French Painter and Sculptor in the style known as Academicism)

Autograph Note Signed in French with Translation to M. Oback asking him to "please show my painting to the person who gives you this note ...", 1 side oblong 8vo., including the address of the recipient in Southampton Street, Strand, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  41747      £100

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GENTLEMAN (David, b. 1930, Painter & Designer) and Reginald M. PHILLIPS (1888-1977, Businessman, Philanthropist and Philatelist)

Photograph of "The Reginald M. Phillips Medal". for Stamp Design, signed underneath by both the medal shows Phillips in Profile with "The Reginal M. Phillips Medal" written around the outside, 4½" x 3¾". no place, no date probably

Item Date:  1979
Stock No:  41752      £225

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GEORGE (Prince of Denmark, 1653-1708, Consort of Queen Anne)

Document signed ('George') as "Lord High Admiral of England and Ireland &c ..." to Walter WHITFIELD (1635-1712, Paymaster General of the Marines) instructing him to pay "out of such moneys as are or shall come to your hands by the deduction of Sixpence from every Twenty shillings by you issued pursuant to the Establishment of the Marine Regiments to pay unto Lieutenant William Squibb of the Regiment of Marines commanded by Colonel Joshua Churchill, the summ of Eighty five pounds, three shillings and four pence, or One years full pay as First Lieutenant in the marines according to His Post, which Her Majesty is graciously pleased to allow him in consideration of the Loss of his Arm; And for so doing this together with the Acquittance of the said William Squibb or his Assigns shall be you Warrant and Discharge. Given under my hand this 6th day of April ...", with a manuscript receipt on the second side, signed by Squibb, 3 sides folio., no place, 6th April slight tape residue to the margins

Item Date:  1708
Stock No:  41745      £775

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GEORGE IV (1762-1830, King of Great Britain) and Sir John BARROW (1764-1848, Secretary of the Admiralty)

Fine signature at the head of an incomplete document that is printed with details filled in by hand, appointing George Hele Hutchins Sayer to a new post countersigned by John BARROW at the foot, 1 side 9½" x 6½" on vellum with revenue stamp, no place, August

Item Date:  1826
Stock No:  41744      £150

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GEORGE V (1865-1936, King of Great Britain) and Edward GREY (1st Viscount Grey of Fallodon, 1862-1933, Liberal Statesman, Longest Serving Foreign Secretary 1905-1916, Ornithologist)

Finely clerk written document signed at the foot, countersigned by Edward GREYaddressed to the President of the Republic of Cuba, José Miguel GÓMEZ (1858-1921, Cuban Politician and Revolutionary, leader of the Rebel Forces in the Cuban War of Independence, President from 1909 to 1913) sending greetings to "Our Good Friend! It is with the deepest affliction that We announce to You the decease of Our Most Honoured and Beloved Father, His Majesty King Edward VII of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions Beyond the Seas, Emperor of India, of Blessed Memory, whom it pleased God to call from this world on the evening of the sixth ultimo, at a quarter to twelve o'clock, in the Tenth Year of His Reign. We communicate to You this mournful event, feeling convinced that you will participate in Our grief and in that of all Our subjects, for the loss of a Sovereign so justly esteemed and revered. In acquainting you at the same time with Our Accession to the Throne. We assure You that it will ever be Our most earnest desire to cultivate and to maintain the relations of Friendship and good understanding which so happily subsist between the two Countries, and that it will always affords Us the greatest pleasure to have fresh opportunity of proving the interest which We take in the welfare and prosperity of the Republic of Cuba. And so We commend you to the protection of the Almighty ...", 3 sides folio on black edged paper, Court at Saint James's, 20th June lacking the black edging on the top side, the signatures somewhat faded

Item Date:  1910
Stock No:  41606      £1750

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