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BETJEMAN (Sir John, 1906-1982, Poet Laureate)

Typed Letter Signed to Mr Swan thanking him for his letter and "cutting about St Paul's, Onslow Square. I have done what I believe to be the most useful and practical thing and sent these, together with a copy of my letter to you, to Mr Peter Burman of the Council for Places of Worship ... I hope you will hear from him soon ...", 1 side 4to., Sir John Betjeman headed paper, 16th March

Item Date:  1974
Stock No:  41623      £175

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BRUMMELL George Bryan, 1778-1840, Dandy, Wit and Gambler, "Beau Brummell"

Important Autograph Letter Signed 'George Brummell' to 'Dear Lords Charles and Robert' (Manners, younger brothers of the Duke of Rutland) saying that he is "Persecuted to the worst extent by those to whom I was indebted; without resource; or even the hope to evade or protract the execution of those menaces which, I was well assured would have instantly been enforced against my personal liberty, I have been driven to the only alternative yet left me upon earth, that of quitting my country for ever. I am, indeed, most sensible, most acutely so, of the heavy wrongs that such a step must afflict upon those, who from their former friendly regard for me, were induced to impose upon themselves a future charge for my immediate assistance. I will not endeavour to palliate the past or present, such an endeavour would be vain, and only, and justly prove an aggravation of my misconduct. I have no extenuation to advance, beyond the desire to retain the only blessing, if such it can be called, still within my reach, with is present freedom, and even that I would voluntarily have yielded, could I have felt assured its surrender might in any way have exonerated you from the trust in which you have been involved on my account. The responsibility could have still excited the same on your parts, had I forfeited myself to a goal. In acknowledging my obligations to you, for great they are, and in lamenting my inability to repay them, I still feel anxious in the wish to realise the promised power of future remuneration. It was very far from my deliberate intention to retire to another country, and encumber you with the responsibility incurred for my service, without even indemnifying you from risk in the event of my death by insuring my life, but that would now have been of no avail, for my departing from England would have annulled the policies. It was the pressure of circumstances which compelled me to adopt so precipitate, and, I will say, so disgraceful a measure at the exigence of the moment. The last remaining hope of my broken fortunes consists in a considerable sum of money now vested in the Court of Chancery, which must ultimately become mine. This reversion I abandon legally and willingly to you - it is the last proof of honourable feeling I can leave in your hands to show that though unfortunate and inconsiderate, I am not destitute of the feeling and gratitude towards those who have been so seriously my friends. Whatever construction you may place upon my past conduct, I trust you will do me the justice to believe that in this last act of retribution, I deprive myself of every worldly support. I abandon my Native country a beggar, and I can look forward to no means of subsistence beyond the year, yet, I feel some remote satisfaction in the idea that the slight reparation I am now offering is everything that is left to your former friend ...", 4 sides 4to., Calais, 18th May

Item Date:  1816
Stock No:  41666      £2250

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BYNG (George, 1st Viscount Torrington, 1663-1733, Admiral of the Fleet, 1st Lord of the Admiralty)

Printed Treasury Document signed with the details filled in by hand acknowledging receipt "By Virtue of Order bearing Date the 28th Day of September 93; Of Mr Vernon, One of the Four Tellers of Her Majesty's Receipt of Exchequer, the Sum of Tenn Pounds Tenn shillings in full of all former Directions of the Said Order, and for Nine Months Annuity due at Michas last past, of One Hundred Pounds by Him paid into the Said Receipt of Exchequer ... An Act for Granting to Their Majesties certain Rates and Duties On Excise for securing certain Recompences and Advantages in the said Act mentioned, to such Persons as shall voluntarily advance the Sum of Tenn Hundred Thousand Pounds toward carrying on a Vigorous War against France ...", 1 side folio, no place, 18th December

Item Date:  1704
Stock No:  41605      £375

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