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EDWARD VII (1841-1910, King of Great Britain)

Autograph Envelope signed with initials 'A.E.' addressed to "Major A. Davison, The Gimsons, Welwyn, Herts", 4" x 3", with monogram on the flat, postmarked London, 27th October

Item Date:  1890
Stock No:  41122      £125

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EDWARD VIII (1894-1972, King of Great Britain, Later the Duke of Windsor) & Major Edward Dudley METCALFE ('Fruity Metcalfe', 1887-1957, Officer in the Indian Army and equerry of the Prince of Wales)

Menu signed in pencil by the Prince of Wales and by Fruity Metcalfe in ink together with two other signatures, opposite the menu "Toast Alsacien, Rougets Grilles ... Poulet de Bresse ..." and the list of the wines, annotated in pencil "Vauban" and the date, 8½" x 5½" on folded card illustrated with with the crossed flags of Great Britain and France, 14the October

Item Date:  1934
Stock No:  41102      £575

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EDWARD VIII (1894-1972, King of Great Britain, Later the Duke of Windsor)

Fine Typed Letter Signed to the Mayor of Chester explaining that this "first visit to this historic city ..." was so long "deferred ... largely due to circumstances, such as the War and my many overseas tours ... I trust that I can take the cordiality of my welcome on arriving here ... to mean that the citizens of Chester ... have forgiven me ... Chester, with its picturesque buildings, its unique walls and fine Cathedral Church has much of interest to offer. Its history, since the days when it was an important Roman settlement and the headquarters of a Legion, is a fascinating study, but ... the City has kept abreast of the times, and I am greatly looking forward to the programme that has been arranged for me ..." thanking the Mayor and sharing his "hope that other opportunities will be given to me of meeting the inhabitants of a City with which I am so closely associated, and in whose prosperity ... I shall always take the deepest interest ...", 1 side folio, with gilt Prince of Wales feathers at the head, Chester, 20th October yellowed on the verso of the conjugate blank, the letter itself is fine

Item Date:  1926
Stock No:  10665      £575

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ELPHINSTONE (John, 13th Lord, 1st Baron,1807-1860, Governor of Bombay 1853-1859, where he prevented a rising during the Mutiny, 13th Baron)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed, marked 'Private' to 'My dear General' saying he is "extremely concerned to say that I find that I was mistaken in supposing that your appointment to the Canada Commission would not be affected by the return of your Regiment to England & what renders this discovery the more distressing to me is the feeling that I have been the means of leading you into error upon this point. The orders of the Court are most peremptory on the subject & state that it is contrary to the orders of H.R.H. the Commander in Chief that officers should remain in India ... under these circumstances I fear that no other course is open to me, but to forego the advantages which I had hoped to reap from your assistance to the labours of the Commission. Deeply as I regret the loss of your Co-operation it is some comfort to me to remember that it was almost against your will that you consented to be placed on the Commission and that you were anxious to be speedily relieved from its duties - but whatever satisfaction I may derive from these private considerations I am not the less sensible of your loss on public grounds. I hope that I shall have the pleasure of seeing you at Madras, & that during your stay here you will take up your quarters with me. I shall make no excuses for asking you to a bachelor's house, which is always uncomfortable, & being under repair is perhaps at present even more so than usual because I know you are too old a soldier to be put out at such trifles ...", 4 sides 8vo., Madras, 19th October

Item Date:  1837
Stock No:  41103      £475

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ETTY (William, 1787-1849, R.A., Painter)

Signature on end of an Autograph Letter Signed in pencil saying that he is "glad if anything I do is of use to you ...", 4½" x 2", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  41132      £25

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