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DAVID (Elizabeth, 1910-1992, Cookery Writer & Chef)

Autograph Letter Signed ‘Elizabeth’ in a Christmas card to an unnamed recipient sending that she has “sent a card to Birgit and Frank explaining that I had my telephone number changed - an effort to abolish temptation and get on with my book - the measure hasn’t been crowned with conspicuous success. It drags and drags, has become so long I’ll have to cut acres of it. But I suppose I had to spend the time doing the necessary research. As you will know, behind three or four lines, there often lies a month of writing and re-writing and re-writing again... I would so like to take you to the Lebanese restaurant. Had a gorgeous lunch there last week, at the management’s invitation...”, 2 sides inside a card with a printed greeting and a reproduction of a print in the V & A ‘Mince Pies’, on the front, 6” x 4½” on folded card, no place, Christmas filing holes not affecting the text

Item Date:  1974
Stock No:  42433      £375

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DAVID (Elizabeth, 1910-1992, Cookery Writer & Chef)

“English Potted Meats and Fish Pastes”, signed on the inside front cover Elizabeth David Kitchen Utensils series, 20 pages sm. 8vo., original brown and black printed wrappers, wire-stitched as issued, printed by Hopkins & Bailey Ltd, Birmingham, together with an Autograph Note Signed with initials “This booklet not out of print - doubt if I shall reprint it in its present form - this is about the last copy - very faded and battered because it’s been in our window”, 1 side 8vo., on her headed paper, 46 Bourne Street, London, 21st April

Item Date:  1972
Stock No:  42417      £875

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DE LA MARE (Walter John, 1873-1956, Poet and Novelist)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to “Dear Rosemary” SISSON (1923-2017, Dramatist and Novelist) when she was a child, saying that she “mist, when you wrote, have hard a little bird calling. I was talking to you - & thoroughly enjoying myself - only a few days ago, & then, your Letter. It is ages since the last. Then you were about so high and now it is SO. I shouldn’t (after devouring that photograph) like to be the ball even for half a chuckka if you ever go in for Polo! What a marvel Daphne is! Please give her my love & the greatest Respect. I wish indeed I could see the Cottage. Next time I come alive I have vowed to do two things - ride like a Centaur & swim like a Sea. So perhaps you wouldn’t mind giving me a few lessons if we meet early? I am not a bit surprised the poems have left off for a while, & am sure when you thought (I hope knew) they were getting bad it was best to stop. Mark my words, they may begin again... Do you mind old stories - really exciting ones like Little R.R.H’L? - after they have been spoilt by somebody’s meddling... but it’s only to bring you my love & some more to your father and mother...”, 2 sides 4to., Hill House, Taplow headed paper, 11th October

Item Date:  1935
Stock No:  42425      £325

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DE LA MARE (Walter John, 1873-1956, Poet and Novelist)

Fine Typed Letter with autograph amendments Signed to “Dear Rosemary” SISSON (1923-2017, Dramatist and Novelist) when she was a young girl, thanking her for her letter and saying he had “no notion that you could possibly have said Goodbye to Cheltenham. I wish indeed I could have seen you there, but for some other reason than a lecture. The fact that there were all those silent faces when I came can only have been Obedience to Orders. I remember mounting only the first step of the intimidating eagle reading desk and then discovering that I could scarcely see over its beak. Do send me the translation some day. Cuckoos; I forget names with the greatest of ease, but not cuckoos. I can remember seeing four in one leafy tree near Salisbury, one flying over the Thames at Oxford and one when I was sat in the garden here actually alighted on the top of a pole a few years away - no doubt to be admired, or did she think my hat was a Meadow Pip’s nest? This year I saw our swallows the day before I heard the first cuckooing - April 20th. I am sad about Wordsworth., but believe he is chiefly the elderly’s poet, so I am afraid is going to be rather a long time before you forgive his Little Lucy’s!...”, 1 side 4to., Hill House, Taplow headed paper, 3rd May

Item Date:  1937
Stock No:  42426      £250

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DE VALÉRA (Eámon, 1882-1975, Irish Statesman & Patriot, President of Eire)

Magazine Photo Signed in a slightly dark period, showing him in an overcoat, seated on a park bench, reading a book, 8” x 6”, no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  42398      £375

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