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DE LA MARE (Walter John, 1873-1956, Poet and Novelist)

Fine Typed Letter Signed with an autograph addition, to "Dear Rosemary" SISSON (1923-2017, Dramatist and Novelist) when she was a child saying that her "letter came just when I was turning the corner. It wasn't very much of a corner, but still I was turning it, and after I read it I thought the view was lovely. I wish I could have seen the thatcher. As often as I have had the chance I have watched; did he put any ornamental bits in - a cockadoodle at the corner of the roof? They do sometimes. I'd love to come to the cottage some day. Please tell Mischeif [sic] not to get too much of a cat by then. What is the best way, do you think? - to persuade him not to, I mean. I don't know why, but seven fantails decided to sleep in the garden yesterday in a sort of cobbled alley. You would hardly have been able to tell them from the frost, though there wasn't much of a moon last night. Please give my love to everybody. It would be lovely if Mummie would bring you all 4 over some Sunday ...", 1 side 4to., Hill House, Taplow headed paper, 18th January

Item Date:  1933
Stock No:  41610      £250

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DOUGLAS (Lord Alfred, 1870-20th March 1945, Poet, friend of Oscar Wilde)

Autograph Letter Signed signed in full to Mr Calvert saying "You are the 'limit'. I called in accordance with your own suggestion last Friday exactly at 1 o'clock. I left The Rossiad & a note for you & I called again at 1.45 and 2.30. Now you say you came in at 1.10 & 'as there was no letter' from me you went out to lunch. How do you mean 'no letter'? I left a letter in the office opposite. Where else was I to leave it, or did you expect me to sit on the stairs on the off chance of yr. coming in? It is most annoying as I came up on purpose to see you on business connected with The Rossiad. Could you come down here next Sunday to talk it over. There is a train leaving Victoria at 11.15 arriving Lewes 12.39. I would send motor for you & you could lunch here & spend two or three hours & get back to London in time for dinner. Let me know if you can manage this. See Daily Express advt. day after tomorrow ...", with a few annotations, presumably in Calvert's hand, relating to the train times between London and Lewes, 4 sides 8vo., Shelley's Folly headed paper, 4th April 2 filing holes on second sheet barely effecting the text

Item Date:  1916
Stock No:  41622      £775

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