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ARCHER (William, 1856-1924, Scottish Critic, Journalist, and Playwright)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Mary' sending "a specimen of my very best caligraphy (how do you spell that word?) with a new 'fountain pen' which I have just bought. I hope it will serve the desired purpose ...", 1 side sm. 8vo., London, 6th October

Item Date:  1893
Stock No:  41580      £75

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ARLINGTON (Earl of, Henry Bennet, 1618-1685, Secretary of State under Charles II, the first 'A' in the CABAL Ministry)

Fine Letter Signed to Robert PASTON (1st Earl of Yarmouth, 1631-1683, Scientist and Politician, friend of Charles II) saying that when he did him the honour of seeing him "at Paston, I promised you I would give you kindly notice of His Maj's resolution to visite Norfolke, which I do by ye inclosed note, [not present] & therein you will see what day falls to your turne to entertain His Maj. If anything occurs to alter, hasten or delay him His resolution I will not fail to give you kindly notice of it ...", 1 side folio, Whitehall, 24th August

Item Date:  1671
Stock No:  41582      £675

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CARLYLE (Thomas, 1795-1881, Historian)

Letter signed ("T. Carlyle"), written in the hand of Carlyle's niece and amanuensis Mary Aitken to James MOFFAT (c. 1839-1915, Draper, Sewing Machine and Bicycle Dealer in Yeovil) saying "It seems to me beyond all question that Christianity in every part and shape of it, is worthy of the best and deepest consideration from every serious pious minded man. What any further notions on the subject may be & do not at present state but I will practically recommend to you the following list of reading which you will find in the last volume (people's edit) of Carlyles's Translation of Meister viz; Meister's Travels Chapters 11 & 12 (if indeed you have not already read the whole work, which is well worth your while). Kinder slightly symbolised or poetic forms you will there find what I have long considered the truest and wisest utterance concerning Education and religion that has hitherto been published by any man. In fact if you read the whole volume and again read it till it becomes significant & you feel and understand it, the task will be well worth your while ...", 2 sides 8vo., with integral blank, and original envelope, 5 Cheyne Row, Chelsea, 31st December 1875, together with a fine Albumen Carte de visite Photo by Francis Earl of the recipient, possibly with his signature on the verso, 4" x 2½", Worcester, circa

Item Date:  1875
Stock No:  41583      £425

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CAUSLEY (Charles, 1917-2003, Cornish Poet, Schoolmaster and Writer)

Autograph Letter Signed in full to Terence TILLER (1916-1987, Poet and Radio Producer) inviting him to "by all mans look in here if you're around but do let me have warning - it's the first week of the school holidays & I'm unlikely to be here unless I know you're coming. Plymouth much handier than Truro, by the way; it's (Truro) about 300 years away ...", 2 sides postcard with printed address at the head and autograph address on the verso, 2 Cyprus Well, Launceston, Cornwall, 23rd July

Item Date:  1962
Stock No:  41588      £125

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COCHRAN (Sir Charles B., 1872-1951, Theatre Producer)

Autograph Formal Letter to Dennis WHEATLEY (1897-1977, Novelist) saying that "Mr & Mrs C. B. Cochran have great pleasure in accepting Mr Dennis Wheatley's very kind invitation ...", 2 sides headed card, 2 York House, York Street, W1, 30th March no year

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  41592      £55

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