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RICHMOND (George, 1809-1896, Portrait Painter)

Long Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Redgrave, probably Richard REDGRAVE 1804-1888, Painter and Arts Administrator) saying that he “saw the Bishop of Oxford the day before yesterday and he places his Father’s picture (a half length painted by me) at your service. It is at Lavington House, Petworth. Today I have opened three cases sent by Lady Baxter, this one contains a portrait by Briggs of Sir Irville Baxter, another a half length watercolour drawing of Sir Irville by me. The third a portrait of Mrs Fry... These as I understand are all intended for your Exhibition so I will send them to my framer to have their frames looked to, and Mr Brigg’s picture is so cracked & in such a bad state that I shall send that to Mr Meritt before it is exhibited. If only one of Sir Irville... I think Lady Baxter would prefer to have the drawing shown for she says in a letter to me ‘it is much superior to the oil painting’... as a likeness of Sir Irville. I am sorry to trouble you with these particulars...” with autograph postscript on the blank 4th side “I had better include a not that I am to be applied to for the 3 pictures sent by Lady Baxter...”, 4 sides 8vo., 10 York Street, 8th February

Item Date:  1868
Stock No:  41768      £225

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ROBERTS (Frederick, Earl, 1832-1914, V.C., K.G., ‘Roberts of Kandahar’, Field Marshal)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Champion thanking him “for letting me know about James Chapman. I am writing to the officer from the Depot at Aberdeen to keep me informed about the poor old pensioner’s circumstances and if we cannot get help from the Cambridge fund again, I will appeal to the Scottish Corporation of London...”, 2 sides 8vo., Evercreech, Somersest, 8th December

Item Date:  1893
Stock No:  41769      £125

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