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ARCHER (William, 1856-1924, Scottish Critic, Journalist, and Playwright)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Mary' sending "a specimen of my very best caligraphy (how do you spell that word?) with a new 'fountain pen' which I have just bought. I hope it will serve the desired purpose ...", 1 side sm. 8vo., London, 6th October

Item Date:  1893
Stock No:  41580      £75

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ARLINGTON (Earl of, Henry Bennet, 1618-1685, Secretary of State under Charles II, the first 'A' in the CABAL Ministry)

Fine Letter Signed to Robert PASTON (1st Earl of Yarmouth, 1631-1683, Scientist and Politician, friend of Charles II) saying that when he did him the honour of seeing him "at Paston, I promised you I would give you kindly notice of His Maj's resolution to visite Norfolke, which I do by ye inclosed note, [not present] & therein you will see what day falls to your turne to entertain His Maj. If anything occurs to alter, hasten or delay him His resolution I will not fail to give you kindly notice of it ...", 1 side folio, Whitehall, 24th August

Item Date:  1671
Stock No:  41582      £675

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