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SACKVILLE WEST (Vita, 1892-1962, Poet & Novelist)

Fine Typed Letter Signed “Vita Nicolson” with autograph postscript to Miss Kelly, saying that she was “very pleased to hear from you, and how nice of you to say that you enjoyed No Signposts in the Sea and recognised the description of Cape Guardafui. I have naturally heard a great deal from Edie about your time in Rome together, and what fun you managed to have. I do hope very much that you will let me know when you come to London after your stay in Elba and Genoa...” with the postscript “Haraold would send his love if he were here, but he is in London. Do come to Sissinghurst again. Edie will bring you over...”, 2 sides 8vo., with original envelope, Sissinghurst Castle headed paper, 30th May

Item Date:  1961
Stock No:  41493      £775

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SAYERS (Dorothy L., 1893-1957, Detective Novelist, Creator of ‘Lord Peter Wimsey’)

Collection of a Typed Letter and an Autograph signed to ‘Dear Tom’ (Heron) the first typed letter saying that “Obviously the old boy has got been got at by his Suffragan, and severely ticked off for making offers off his own bat!...”, saying that she has sent “Stepney the enclosed acknowledgement, which, while committing us to nothing in particular, will, I hope, convey to him, if and when he gets it, the suggestion that a) he has been personally discourteous to me; b) ‘We are not amused’; there were after all witnesses to what was said, who may not be amenable to brain-washing. I have taken no notice of his last paragraph, which is very insolent, but forms no part of his ‘six points’...”, she says she has made an immediate acknowledgement “lest I should seem as discourteous as himself! You must admit that it is couched in very stately language...”, 1 side A4, 29th April 1957 and the Autograph Letter sends back his letter “in case you should wish to modify it in the light of our telephone conversation. I feel sure that the best thing is for you to get hold of Fr Pat, & find out for certain whether there were two conversations between him & John, or only one. If there were two, & he did in fact prevaricate to John about the Minute, then he must apologise for prevaricating - but NOT for anything else. The actual Resolution was passed by the Council... and that part of the matter lies between the Council & its secretary. ... John has demanded that the Minute should be expunged & an apology made... by the Council. Fr Pat cannot make any such apology on our behalf, & must not think he can do so. We passed the Resolution on the evidence... independently of any subsequent conversation between him & John... A conversation, about Fr Pat’s contribution, was reported by him to us at the Meeting.. & we acted upon that; nothing that took place afterwards can alter that fact, or relieve us of our responsibility for it, or relieve John of his responsibilty to us in the matter of the books. that is the point we have to stick to. If Fr Pat has since committed any personal stupidity in not being frank with John, he should admit it, & say he is sorry for the personal offence, but of that, we can have no official cognisance..”, 2 sides oblong 8vo., all on 24 Newland Street headed paper, 10th August

Item Date:  1957
Stock No:  38817      £750

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SHAW (George Bernard, 1856-1950, Dramatist & Critic)

Fine postcard photo signed and dated on the image and with an Autograph Note Signed on the verso addressed to Mrs Kathleen A. Brooker the photo, by C. Troughton Clark, shows him full face looking straight at the camera, on the back he has written “I don’t think anyone will doubt the authenticity of this...” and addressed the card, 2 sides postcard, Ayot St Lawrence, Welwyn, Herts, 3rd February

Item Date:  1935
Stock No:  40785      £675

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SOULT (Nicolas Jean de Dieu, 1769-1851, Napoleon I’s Marshal, Duke of Dalmatia)

Letter in French (with translation), signed ‘M[aréch]al Duc de Dalmatie’ as Minister of War to M. Bequet, Civil Commissary at Cherchel, Algeria, concerning a collection at Cherchel “of objects of art and archaeology worthy, in your opinion, of a place in the Louvre Museum, where, in accordance with the King’s wishes, the monuments collected in Algeria by Captain Delamare, and the mosaic of Koudiat-ati, have just been assembled”, telling him that he “has just given orders for a detailed catalogue... together with drawings of the principal items... this information... will be forwarded to the Algerian Academic Commission, in the light of whose proposals I will make my decision”, 2 sides 4to., with conjugate blank, Soult-berg, near St. Amans-la-bastide (Tarn), 17th August

Item Date:  1845
Stock No:  9951      £425

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SULLIVAN (Sir Arthur, 1842-1901, Composer of ‘Gilbert & Sullivan’)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to “Dear Daisy” regretting that he “missed you this morning. Here is the box you wanted for this evening. I also send a... bottle tap and some old ‘Heidsick’ to experimentalize on. The wine if for your dear Mother & will give her high spirits...”, 1 side 8vo., 1 Queen’s Mansions headed paper, Wednesday, no year, circa

Item Date:  1890
Stock No:  40732      £725

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