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NIGHTINGALE (Florence, 1820-1910, Nurse & Hospital Reformer)

Interesting ALS in pencil to John Murdoch LLD replying to his recommendations of various pamphlets, "1. How to have healthy Villages. 2. Value of Pure Water. 3. Importance of Cleanliness. 4. Fevers, their Causes etc. 5. Cholera & Bowel Complaints ..." and accepting his offer of sending "2 doz. of each direct from Madras, seeing that they are not (certainly) to be had at 7 Adam Street ..." also asking him to "kindly mark one sentence in one copy of each of the 6, as the pithy one, the starting point for the Govt to which it will be sent ...", 3 sides 8vo., 10 South Street, Park Lane, 15th July

Item Date:  1897
Stock No:  41231      £1250

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NOBILE (Umberto, 1885-1978, Italian Soldier, Aviator & Explorer, Adjutant in the 'Avellino Brigade')

Commemorative coloured Postcard from the FAGA series, No. 68, signed by Nobile on the front, the postcard is commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Norge Airship Transpolar Flight, it is illustrated with images of the 3 explorers and the Norge as well as a map of their voyage, 8½" x 6½", no place, issued

Item Date:  1976
Stock No:  41408      £175

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