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MARTIN (Sir Theodore, 1816-1909, Parliamentary Solicitor, Verse Writer, Translator, Biographer of Prince Albert) and his wife Helena FAUCIT(1817-1898, Actress)

Autograph Quotation from Longfellow signed and dated "Not in the clamour of the crowded street / not in the shouts & plaudits of the throne / but in ourselves we triumph and defeat" with another autograph quotation, also signed, by his wife, she quotes from Herrick, "First wash thy hands in innocence, then bring Pure hands, pure habits, pure, pure everything", together on an album leaf 7½" x 4", no place, 19th and 20th May

Item Date:  1897
Stock No:  41053      £125

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MARY (Countess of Harewood, 1897-1965, Princess Royal, Daughter of George V)

Fine early Christmas Card signed, to the wife of Captain Faussett "wishing you and Captain Faussett a merry Xmas and a very happy New year ..." with a coloured picture on the front of two dachsunds looking longingly at some sausages with a poem called "A (Cupboard) Love Tale", 5½" x 3½", York Cottage,

Item Date:  1912
Stock No:  41054      £95

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MARY ADELAIDE (Duchess of Teck, 1833-1897, Queen Mary's Mother)

Autograph letter signed to 'My Dear Duke, thanking him for the "Craw fish which my mother feasted upon, as we were, unluckily, away all last week, having only returned from ... yesterday. May I indulge the hope that in the course of the coming fortnight, you may be so very kindly disposed as to repeat your gift as I do not dare to eat craw fish by proxy? We leave home again on the 20th for a few days ... with repeated gratitude for your kind attention ...", 2 sides 8vo, White Lodge, Richmond Park headed paper, 6th August

Item Date:  1872
Stock No:  41056      £150

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MOUNTBATTEN (Earl Louis, of Burma, 1900-1979, Admiral of the Fleet, Victoria's Great Grandson Last Viceroy of India)

Fine presentation photo signed "Mountbatten of Burma A.F." with the place and date, showing him three quarters length in uniform, with one hand in his pocket and the other resting on a ledge, 7½" x 6" in original blue domed top presentation frame by Jarrolds with gilt monogram at the head, 11" x 8"½, Jedda, 8th February

Item Date:  1976
Stock No:  41043      £1750

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MURCHISON (Sir Roderick Impey, 1792-1871, Director General of the Geological Survey, 1st Bart.)

Autograph Letter Signed to Lady Rawlinson saying that he wishes "to give a little dinner to my friends Sir David & Lady Baird befor they leave town & hense I can only give you short notice. i hope you come ...", 2 sides 8vo., 16 Belgrave Square, 17th March

Item Date:  1866
Stock No:  41061      £65

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