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MACAULAY (Dame Rose, 1889-1958, Writer and Traveller)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to Miss O’Malley telling her that she does “write short stories gratis, but i do not think they have merit for your purpose or, indeed, for any other (though the last thing I want to do it to crab my own work). I find sketches or articles less of a strain on. my intellect, as a rule. May I come and see you sometime & talk about it, as you suggest, or could you come & have tea with me... South Kensington, where I stay when in town...”, 2 sides 8vo., Hedgerley End, Beaconsfield, 13th December year illegible

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Stock No:  41838      £175

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MACDONALD (J. Ramsay, 1866-1937, Prime Minister)

Fine Long Typed Letter Signed with autograph corrections as Prime Minister to T. Ll. Humberstone B. Sc. regretting “that a Cabinet Meeting will prevent my attending your Conference at Wembley... I have been looking forward to this meeting with great pleasure, as I wished to try and say something to impress upon the public the necessity of treating political questions in a scientific spirit, and not merely in a short-vision, partisan frame of mind. Until we regard administration and legislation in precisely the same manner as a scientific worker approaches his work in a laboratory, we shall never be able to get results of a permanent character, nor shall we secure respect for our public institutions. I was hoping that one of the results of the war would have been to have eliminated from the House of Commons the ‘methods of the dog fight’. Unfortunately, there are far too many signs that that hope is not to be fulfilled. The matter ultimately rests with the public, which ought to scan with scrupulous vigilance proceedings in Parliament, not merely in relation to this topic or that, but to the spirit of national concern which its debates show. If our social organisation is still so very rudimentary that the public are open to the exploitation of any interest that is placed for the moment in a position of economic advantage, it is mainly owing to the fact that scientific methods have hardly yet been applied to Society itself. I hope that as a result of your Conference a beginning will be made in the scientific consideration of the of the problems which confront Parliament, and if that happens the promoters of this Conference will have great cause to congratulate themselves on what they have done...”, 2 sides 4to., 10 Downing Street, blindstamp headed paper, 28th May

Item Date:  1924
Stock No:  41817      £325

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MACMILLAN (Harold, 1894-1986, Prime Minister, from 1984 1st Earl of Stockton)

Brief Typed Letter Signed with autograph salutation and subscription to “Dear Michael”, Sir Michael STEWART (1911-1994, Ambassador to Greece, 1967-71) saying that he was “so pleased you were able to come to my party and I must thank you, most.warmly, for your splendid present...”, 1 side 8vo., Birch Grove House, Haywards Heath, Sussex headed paper, February

Item Date:  1984
Stock No:  41821      £175

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MAJOR (John, b. 1943, Prime Minister)

Fine black and white photograph signed on the mount showing him head and shoulders, smiling, resting his hand on his forehead, 6¾” x 4¾” in mount 9½” x 7¾”, no place, no date

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Stock No:  41836      £95

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MAROCHETTI (Carlo, Baron, 1805-1867, Italian-born Sculptor, R.A.)

Autograph Letter Signed ‘Marochetti’ in French with translation to ‘Miss Emily’, promising to “do all I can to come and see you this evening but I am dining in town... do not doubt my good intention if I find no way to come”, 1 side 8vo., Wednesday, no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1850
Stock No:  41856      £75

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