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HERBERT (Sir A. P., 1890-1971, Humourous Poet & Novelist)

Autograph Letter Signed to "dear DARTON" (Frederick Harvey , 1878-1936, Author Publisher and Children' Literature Historian) sending "Many congratulations and thanks for the book - & for your kind remarks. It's a jolly little volume ...", 1 side 8vo, 12 Hammersmith Terrace, 29th June, no year, circa

Item Date:  1920
Stock No:  40212      £75

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HODSON (Haro, born 1923, Cartoonist known as "Haro")

Fine Illustrated Autograph Letter Signed to Sheridan RUSSELL (1900-1991, Cellist, Doctor and Patron of the Arts) thanking him for asking "Elizabeth and me to come & listen to music by the river ... sch a lovely idea and I do wish we could be with you. But Elizabeth is having a baby rather soon* ..." with a note that that is "an English understatement" but hoping that they will be asked again, illustrated with a delightful cartoon of a cat singing, accompanied by a dog playing the piano to an audience of cats, dogs, an owl, a pig and a frog, together with original autograph envelope signed, 2 sides 8vo., Orchard Cottage, Stewkley, Bucks, 6th July

Item Date:  1989
Stock No:  16282      £75

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HUSKISSON (William, 1770-1830, Pioneer of Free Trade, Killed by Locomotive at opening of L. & M. Railway)

Fine Signature taken from an Autograph Letter mounted on a piece of notepaper with a charming vignette engraving of "William Huskisson's Tomb St James' Cemetery" dated 2nd August 1858, 1 side 8vo., no place

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40202      £75

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KEAN (Charles, 1811-1868, Shakespearean Actor)

Autograph Note Signed to an unnamed correspondent, saying that you "wouldst not think how ill all here about my heart - but it is no matter ...", 1 side oblong 8vo., Bath, 19th March 1839

Item Date:  1855
Stock No:  40205      £65

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KENNELLY (Brendan, born 1936, Irish Poet and Novelist)

Pparently Unpublished Autograph Draft of a poem together with the final draft typed and signed on the first sheet are three corrected and amended drafts of the poem, "Orphan" and on a separate sheet is the final version, 8 lines starting "Thought is an orphan in the street / Looking for a father / Compelled to wander and forget / The house where it was born ...", 2 sides folio, no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40204      £175

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