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ALBANI (Dame Emma, 1852-1930, Canadian Operatic Soprano)

Autograph Letter Signed”E. A. Gye” to “My dear Adela” VERNE (1877-1952, Pianist), apologising for her late reply as she has “been and am so busy - what with Book, Concert, and my lessons it is very engrossing and I have hardly any time to myself. Thank you for all your kind remembrance and you know I wish you all happiness! Yes, I loved the Liebershoff(?) with you! What are you going to play on the 14th the orchestra is Landon Ronalds - and you can play with it, if you like. It is only one member as we are such a lot of artists & about the muddle of the programme - when will you be in town - you can always find me at 4 o’clock Saturdays. I have your news from Nellie. She is well - how I miss her...”, 3 sides 8vo., 61 Tregunter Road, SW, headed paper, 25th September

Item Date:  1911
Stock No:  42407      £175

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ALDIN (Cecil Charles Windsor, 1870-1935, Artist and Animal Painter)

Signature on a card with “yours sincerely”, 3½” x 2½”, no place, dated in another hand, 5th January

Item Date:  1930
Stock No:  42412      £50

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ALEXANDER (Albert Victor, Earl Alexander of Hilsborough, 1885-1965, Politician, 1st Lord of the Admiralty)

Fine signature and date on a piece of paper, 4½” x 2¾”, no place, 22nd June

Item Date:  1931
Stock No:  42401      £75

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ALEXANDER OF TUNIS (Harold Rupert, 1st Earl, 1891-1969, Supreme Allied Commander, Governor General of Canada)

Magazine Photo boldly Signed “Alexander of Tunis F.M.” showing him head and shoulders, in uniform, 3¼” x 2¾” mounted on card, 9” x 5½”, annotated in pencil in another hand March

Item Date:  1946
Stock No:  42399      £100

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ALEXANDRA (of Denmark, 1844-1925, Queen of Edward VII)

Fine long Autograph Letter Signed to “My dear Rose” saying has “received yr letter last night and am more sorry than I can say to hear the fatal result of yr poor brother in his illness. How too terrible it seems that after escaping so many dangers in Africa where he did such true & loyal service to his Country - that he shd only be restored to his poor wife & family to be snatched away at this early age & his most promising career thus... cut short by this terrible fever - Please tell his poor little widow how very deeply I sympathise with and feel for her under this crushing blow. I am truly sorry that this sad cause shd have prevented yr visit here to which I had. been looking forward to so much but hop at all events we may soon meet. I was also so sorry to hear of yr poor Aunt’s... death - I wish you wd get me that excellent photo of her in a white dress and cap which was so like her...”, 4 sides 8vo.,on mourning paper with purple and black crested monogram at the head, Sandringham, Saturday, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  42402      £325

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