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HENRY BENEDICT (Cardinal York, 1725-1807, Archbishop, the Jacobite Henry IX, 2nd son of James III, the Old Pretender, brother of Bonnie Prince Charlie)

Fine letter in French signed with autograph subscription "De Votre Majesté le bon frère et Cousin", sending "the most ardent wishes for the renewal of the year we reach, and I form them in the feelings of the greatest gratitude for all the kindness by which You honour me. I pray that God will fill your Majesty with all the blessings. He will never multiply them to You as much as I wish ...", 1 side folio with original envelope, Frascati, 16th December

Item Date:  1790
Stock No:  40037      £1500

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IRVING (Sir Henry, 1838-1905, Actor Manager)

Fine cabinet photo by Window & Grove, signed and dated showing him head and shoulders in profile, wearing a wing collared shirt and jacket, inscribed on the verso by "Teddy" Craig, son of Edward GORDON CRAIG (1872-1966, Actor, Director and Scenic Designer) "With love to Henry Cheshire on his birthday 1977 from Teddy Craig", 6½" x 4¼", no place, the photo dated

Item Date:  1895
Stock No:  40045      £225

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KIPLING (Rudyard, 1865-1936, Novelist & Poet)

Fine Typed Letter signed in full to Miss Shelley Young, marked 'Private' thanking her for "writing me the delightful story about the new use your sister proposed to put Elijah to, and thank you also for the kind things you have to say about my books ...", 1 side A4, Bateman's, Burwash headed paper, 15th February

Item Date:  1924
Stock No:  40031      £425

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[LEOPOLD (George Albert, 1853-1884, 4th Son of Queen Victoria, Duke of Albany, a haemophiliac, died after an accident on 28th March in Cannes) with his wife HELENA (1861-1922, Princess of Waldeck & Pyrmont) & baby daughter ALICE (who was the longest lived member of the British Royal family, 1883-1981, Duchess of Athlone)]

Fine unsigned cabinet photo by Hills & Saunders showing the young couple, three quarters length, standing either side of their small daughter who is sitting on a small chair on a table with her parents holding her up, 6½" x 4", no place, no date,

Item Date:  1884
Stock No:  31218      £275

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MACDONALD (J. Ramsay, 1866-1937, Prime Minister)

Fine Typed Letter Signed to Mrs Nodin thanking her for her letter and saying that he is "indeed head over ears in work, and as every day brings its own lot I do not know when I am going to get through it. I have been at home ever since I returned from Algiers. I wish you could come up and see the house and not only hear about it. It is very quiet, and all the ghosts in it are peaceful ...", 1 side A4, House of Commons headed paper, 9th February

Item Date:  1927
Stock No:  40052      £275

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