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HALL (Sir William Reginald, 1870-1943, Admiral in the Royal Navy, Director of Naval Intelligence in the First World War, The Dreadnought Project)

Fine Typed Letter Signed to "My dear Arturio" thanking him for a "book. I have not read it so it is a great treat to come. I am sending you a book but have not decided yet which one. I am sending to [sic] a line to Ivy Lethbridge as you suggest; I am awfully sorry for her. All very quiet here and life slips by without one seeming to do anything in particular. Faith seems to enjoy her life. She spent the last week in Town with an old friend and is off again on Friday ... Ess is very fit and hard at work planting bulbs ... Are you a coming here for a few days on your way back from Treniffle? I do think it would be good for you and Goda. The exposure of the Red tactics with the Hunger marchers will harden public opinion in favour of doing something to stop these demonstrations; it is sheer folly to allow London to be capsized by these ruffians and insurances become almost compulsory with many people who otherwise would not have to insure. I can't complain of course being in that trade! There seems little doubt but that Roosevelt will be the new President in America; I heard from Morgans intelligence man the other day. They seem to think that, though the election will not be popular with big business, affairs will settle down after a few months. The amazing thing to my mind is that Roosevelt should want to be President seeing that he is partially paralysed; It kills even a wholly sound man and R ought to last only a short time if he does his job ... if he is really wise, he will have a coalition cabinet and rake in some of the best of the Republicans. A National Government covers a multitude of sins as we know over here ...", 2 sides 4to., Hawk's Lease, Lyndhurst headed paper, 1st November

Item Date:  1932
Stock No:  40625      £575

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HILLARY (Sir Edmund, 1919-2008, Mountaineer, Conqueror of Everest in 1953)

Reproduction Black and White photo signed later showing him half length, full face, smiling broadly, drinking from a tin mug which appears to have his name on it, with a Maori feather necklace, 10" x 8", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40657      £75

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KEPPEL (Sir Henry 1809-1904, Admiral of the Fleet, Published 'The Expedition to Borneo of HMS Dido for the Suppression of Piracy')

Autograph Letter Signed to Dr Little saying "If the enclosed is of any use I shall be very happy ...", 1 side 8vo., Windsor Castle blindstamped paper, Sunday 8th, no date, circa

Item Date:  1860
Stock No:  40587      £100

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KNICKERBOCKER (Hubert Renfro, 1898-1949, American Journalist and Author, Pulitzer prize winner )

Postcard Photo signed showing him three quarters length, standing in front of a wall of Estonian Newspapers, 5" x 3½", Tallinn, not dated but 12th February

Item Date:  1935
Stock No:  40669      £75

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LÉVI-STRAUSS (Claude, 1908-2009, Belgian born French Anthropologist and Ethnologist)

Autograph Postcard in French, Signed, to Tõnis TATAR (born 1980, Estonian art historian , lecturer and translator) sending his best wishes for early success, 1 side postcard, no place, 20th September

Item Date:  2002
Stock No:  40665      £125

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