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COOPER (Lady Diana, 1892-1986, Actress & Author)

Typed Letter Signed to James Barnes, “My dear Jim” saying that “It’s too dreadful. Duff and I have not got a free meal for the next two weeks. It is nothing but Naval Attaché lunches and Friendly Union dinners. The following week I shall be in Paris so it would have to be the week after that... The Elba plan suits my fancy very well...”, 1 side 8vo., Admiralty, Whitehall headed paper, 30th June

Item Date:  1938
Stock No:  41855      £150

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CORELLI (Marie, 1855-1924, Novelist)

Autograph Letter Signed to ‘Dear Madam’ saying that she has “received the altered edition of your poem on the ‘Soul of Lilith’ for which I thank you heartily...”, 1 side 8vo., 47 Longridge Road, Earl's Court, SW, 9th December

Item Date:  1892
Stock No:  41860      £125

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CURZON (George, Marquis, 1859-1925, Viceroy of India and Foreign Minister)

Fine Autograph Letter signed to Dr Samuel BICKERSTETH (1857-1937, Canon of Leeds Minster and later Librarian of Canterbury Cathedral) saying he “remembers our previous correspondence & wish I could be of any help. I am however... in complete retirement for the present. My mourning rendering it impossible for me to take any part in public affairs. I have declined a great many similar invitations in consequence. I am assured of your respect for my reasons...”, 3 sides 8vo., on mourning paper, with original autograph envelope, The Priory, Reigate, 27th January

Item Date:  1907
Stock No:  41862      £175

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CUSHING (Peter, 1913-1994, Character Actor)

Autograph Letter Signed on a postcard to Ken thanking him “for your kind thought at Christmas time. The ever welcome home-made jam looked delightful in its ‘bon-bon’ wrapping and reminded... of happier times. I did appreciate your gesture. Do hope you have a most peaceful and pleasant holiday, and may 1980 hold many good things in store...”, 2 sides headed card, no place, 20th December

Item Date:  1979
Stock No:  41847      £125

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DICKENS (Charles, 1812-1870, Novelist)

Top two thirds of an Autograph Letter to “My dear Johns” hastening to “say (for self and Co) that I believe any early day in any week will suit us quite as well as Easter Monday... we shall hold ourselves in preparation for further orders...”, two thirds of 1 side 8vo., 1 Devonshire Terrace, 17th April

Item Date:  1848
Stock No:  41824      £475

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