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[EDWARD VII (1841-1910, King of Great Britain)

Charming early unsigned carte-de-visite photograph, by John Beattie from the time shortly after their marriage, showing him head and shoulders in an oval, 4¼" x 2½", no place, no date, but

Item Date:  1865
Stock No:  40596      £85

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[ELISABETH (Alexandra Louise Alice, 1864-1918, Grand Duchess of Russia, daughter of Ludwig IV, Grand Duke of Hesse, wife of Sergei of Russia, became a nun and was murdered by the Bolsheviks)

Fine unsigned original photo showing her three quarters length dressed as a nun, 6" x 4", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40552      £575

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FRITH (William P., 1819-1909, Artist), Sir Luke FILDES (1844-1927, Painter), Seymour LUCAS (1849-1923, Genre Painter, R.A.) and Henrietta WARD (1832-1924, Artist)

Menu in honour of his 89th birthday signed by his friends and family, the cover has a photographic reproduction of his painting "The Derby Day", inscribed "Wm Frith C.V.O. Jany 9th 1908, 89th Birthday. Many happy returns of the day", inside are the signatures and the menu for the dinner, starting with "Consommé Royal, Potage Tortue. Turbot à l'Innocent, Petites Crèmes de Homard en Mayonnaise ..." continuing with Hare, Poularde, Mutton and finishing with Christmas pudding and mince pies, 7½" x 4½" folded card, together with a small photo of Frith with his signature underneath, 2" x 2", and a small pencil sketch presumably done by one of the guests, the menu 40 Great Cumberland Place, 9th January the two leaves of the menu have separated at the fold

Item Date:  1908
Stock No:  40593      £225

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GATTY (Margaret, née Scott, Mrs. Alfred Gatty, 1809-1873, Children's Writer, from 1866 editor of 'Aunt Judy's Magazine')

Somewhat illegible Autograph Letter Signed 'Margt Gatty' to 'dear Madam' saying she is "leaving town for a time so I think it best to return the ... to you. I can send it 'with Elsie' by this post to the publisher if you will receive a proof ...", I side 8vo., Ecclesfield, 24th August

Item Date:  1866
Stock No:  40526      £50

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GORDON (Charles George, 1833-1885, General Gordon of Khartoum, 'Chinese Gordon')

Fine Autograph Letter signed to 'My dear Sir Charles' STANLEY (4th Viscount Monck, 1819-1894, Politician, Last Governor General of Canada) saying that he "ought to have written to you before as you are daily in my thoughts and have always been so kind. I am going to town tomorrow and to Brussels on Wednesday to wait decision of govt as to my going to Congo. I do not yet know if my resignation is accepted or not. I drifted into the Congo business & promised the King of Belgians. I hope you and Lady Stanley & your family are well ..." , 2 sides 8vo., 5 Rockstone Place, Southampton, 14th January

Item Date:  1884
Stock No:  40582      £1275

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