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JOHNSON (Amy, 1903-1941, Aviator)

Fine Autograph Letter signed "Mickey" to "Dear Miss Glass" thanking her for the kindness of the Glass family on her birthday, "I did so much appreciate all your sweet thoughts & lovely gifts. The roses were beautifully fresh after they had been put in water & I brought them down here with me as I came yesterday for a week. Thank you so much for your letter & wishes & for the lovely flowers, also for the help you probably gave Girlie & Sheila with their charming presents. I'm sorry I didn't write to you sooner, but I have explained to Girlie & Sheila how terribly busy I have been ... I had my people in town on my birthday & then had to pack & move down here yesterday, I spent a busy afternoon & evening joy-riding & trying to create local interest. I had one awful disappointment on my birthday - I had to decide to have my poor dog Rough destroyed. I believe you know he got run over some time ago but his leg would have mended all right if only the vet had done it properly. He had him for two months, & the leg was in a terrible state when I finally saw it. The vet simply dropped me a note suddenly to say he had sold his practice & had taken Rough somewhere else. I went straight down to see him & the new vet was horrified at the state of the leg & said it would never be better & that Rough would probably die if I left him. I'm afraid you have had a lot of trouble wiht your ankele. What awful bad luck ... This is a delightful place ...", 4 sides 4to., Minigary, Fairlight Cove, Hastings, 3rd July

Item Date:  1931
Stock No:  40897      £325

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KINGSLEY (Charles, 1819-1875, Novelist, Regius Professor of Modern History at Cambridge, 1860-1869)

Autograph letter signed to "My Dear Freddy" thanking him for his letters "the first of which appeared last, having been 9 days on the road. I am truly sorry about the ... Show, after all the trouble you have taken, but everyone says that the ... success, in the improvement ... is complete, so that you may consider yourself as having done your work ...", 3 sides 8vo., Eversley Rectory, Winchfield, 30th August

Item Date:  1865
Stock No:  40889      £75

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LAUREL (Stan, 1890-1965) & Oliver HARDY(1892-1957) American Comedy Team

Typical vintage postcard photo boldly signed by both, & inscribed by Laurel in capitals "Hello Peter! Good Luck!", showing them head and shoulders grinning, wearing their bowler hats, 5¼" x 3½", no place, no date, circa some slight smudging of Hardy's signature

Item Date:  1940
Stock No:  38565      £750

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LÉOPOLD I (1790-1865, uncle of Queen Victoria, from 1831 King of the Belgians)

Finely penned Document signed, in French with translation, to the President of Peru, (Ramón Castilla, 1797-1867, President 1845-1851 & 1855-1862), announcing the birth of his first grandson Léopold, Count of Hainaut, son of the Duke and Duchess of Brabant (Léopold II and Marie Henriette, Princess of Austria), "with extreme joy, in which the whole Belgian people join ... This event so ardently desired and which is the object of such lively and general fellow feeling, is of the most serious interest for my Royal house and for the future of the nation whose destiny has been committed to me", in which he is sure the President will join, 1 side folio and conjugate blank, Brussels, 18th June

Item Date:  1859
Stock No:  52549      £750

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MARIA FEODOROVNA (Russian Empress, 1847-1928, wife of Tsar Alexander III, mother of Nicholas II) and her sister ALEXANDRA (of Denmark, 1844-1925, Queen of Edward VII)]

Delightful group photo signed by both and inscribed by Queen Alexandra "With very best wishes and thanks" on the mount, showing them seated together on the deck of the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert, surrounded by a large group of people, some in uniform and some in civilian clothes with three young children seated cross-legged at the front, 8" x 10" in mount 13" x 11" in its original frame, no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  10666      £2750

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