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GENÉE (Dame Adeline, 1878-1970, Ballerina, Founder-President of the Royal Academy of Dance)

Delightful early postcard photo by Biograph, Berlin signed and inscribed “Yours sincerely”, showing her head and shoulders in costume wearing a soldier’s hat, 5½” x 3½”, no place, no date, postmarked

Item Date:  1905
Stock No:  6504      £50

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JAMES II & VII (1633-1701, King of England, Scotland and Ireland)

Fine early document signed as Duke of York addressed to his Attorney General Sir Heneage FINCH (1st Earl of Nottingham, 1620-1682, Lord Chancellor of England) instructing him to “forthwith prepare a Bill fit for his Mats Royall Signature, containing a Revocation of his Majesties Ltrs Patents lately graunted to Thomas Midleton Esq to be Surveyor of his Mats Navy, as also constituting and appointing John Tippetts Esq Surveyor of His Mats Navy in his roome with such powers, priviledges, requisite allowances, and in as large and ample manner as the said Thomas Mildleton held the same, with the sallary of five hundred Pounds... to be paid quartlerly... For which this shall be your Warrt; Given under my hand on board the Prince...”, Countersigned by Henry SAVILE (1642-1687, Politician, Courtier and Groom of the Bedchamber) “By command of his R. Highness”, 1 side folio, The Prince, 20th June

Item Date:  1672
Stock No:  41140      £2250

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KIPLING (Caroline 'Carrie' Starr Balestier, 1862-1939, American born wife of Rudyard Kipling)

Superb Long Autograph letter to Mrs Mary Hallock FOOTE (1847-1938, American Author and Illustrator) sending "a thousand thanks gracious Lady for your letter. We cherish your kind words which reached us this morning after our first night of 'snuffles'. My mother was attempting to convince us it was not pneumonia and quite usual and harmless when your testimony arrived. You will agree they sound serious won't you? Our little maiden sends you love, asking your pardon if she makes too bold, and hopes to welcome you one day to her very own home. Which we think of a Naulakha. 'Crows Nest' was invented by that all wise newspaper man who knows all one does not do, or think, or feel. Your interest in Benefits Forgot touches us nearly, for my brother cared so much that you should feel it to be an honest-word about the West. We used to arrange to make a pilgrimage to have a talk with you about the great, delightful dreadful West. We know Colorado best, and it was once while we were spending a few months there that Benefits Forgot was planned, but it was worked out in London. On the whole London is nearer the West than New York, it has always seemed to me. If I had been feeling up to rough travelling we should have returned from Vancouver slowly through all that fascinating part of our land, my husband is more anxious to know it well than any other part of America... The daughter - we call her Josephine - thrives, is strong and sturdy and we mean to keep her in the country so she may continue so. She has an English nurse, who promises well - she wrote to ask for the position. I don't expect you the credit the Statement for I well know its a fairy story in appearance. She can't have the baby nights though because of the cold - if only she could. I am learning to keep awake and my husband to sleep but it was not easy. We are very quiet here and go to bed at eight ourselves often...", 4 sides 8vo., on black edged paper, Brattleboro, 19th February

Item Date:  1893
Stock No:  41737      £1475

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LAWRENCE (T.[homas] E.[dward] 1888-1935, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ British soldier, scholar and author of ‘The Seven Pillars of Wisdom’)

Superb long Autograph Letter Signed (‘T. E. Shaw’) to his cousin Milicent Lilian Teresa FETHERSTONEHAUGH (1894-1971, his cousin and a friend of Thomas and Emma Hardy) saying that it “was nice to think of Dorset again, as I read your letter. Miramshah is the Clouds' Hill only in that we burn wood for fuel. Otherwise it is a tiny brick fort, all ringed with barbed wire, in which 25 R.A.F. and 700 India troops live very shut up and peaceful lives. They will not let us go beyond the barbed wire and the aerodrome: so when I want fresh air, I take it in the air, literally! We are 3000 feet up, and it is cold. The mountains all about us are snow-dressed for their top 4000 feet. in the hollow, with us, there is no snow and very little frost: but it is cold enough to make an excuse for wood fires: and they are very luxurious. Afghanistan is only ten miles away. The newspapers in England seem to have had a burst of curiosity about me lately, and to have put me in all sorts of queer places. Only they haven't said Miramshah. Yet Miramshah is quite a queer place. I hope to come home in 1930. The delay is for a film about me to be produced and forgotten: and the film-magnate who proposed to do it has turned coy: probably he is short of money. I hope so, for perhaps he'll give it up: and that will be a great relief to me. I'm glad you see Mrs Hardy. She must have felt very unrooted when T. H. went: almost worse than you and Okers Wood, for T.H. must have been a great experience, as a house-mate: and the shadow of his reputation will be very heavy on her while she lives. Her first volume on T.H., is, I see, out: I've read bits of it. If you see her, will you say that I was delighted with the way they ran? It struck me, as once before, that it was as good as another book by the old man. I do wish people didn't die. He was worth going round the world just to see for five minutes: and now it's all over. A stupid little letter this: but I'd defy Samuel Pepys to fill a diary at Miramshah. It's like being in cold storage. My regards to B and the Morris! Yours, T. E. Shaw'...”, 4 sides 8vo., with original autograph envelope, 338171 A/C Shaw R.A.F., Miramshah Fort, Waziristan, India, 11th November

Item Date:  1928
Stock No:  41759      £17500

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LEAR (Edward, 1812-1888, Nonsense Writer & Artist)

Autograph Letter Signed to Andrew Courage introducing “the Honbe Mrs Adamson-Parker, of whom I have already written to you. I shall feel obliged if you can help her at all during her stay in Corfu, with regard to excursions - & I hope she will be able to visit... & other places...”, 2 sides sm. 8vo., Hotel Georgette, Recoaro, Veneto, 13th July

Item Date:  1884
Stock No:  42186      £1500

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