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LEHRER (Tom, born 1928, American Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Satirist and Mathematician)

Typed translation of several of his songs in Norwegian signed titled "A Norwegian Welcome Mr Lehrer", including "Send the Marines", "My Home Town", "A Song for World War 3", "Pollution" and "National Brotherhood Week" among others, 13 pages A4, headed Nyheter, Nor-Disc, no date

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Stock No:  40671      £95

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LIND (Jenny (Goldschmidt), 1820-1887, Singer, 'The Swedish Nightingale')

Autograph Letter Signed ("Jenny Goldschmidt") to Miss Winkworth saying that she is "so glad that you can come to us in June. I only wish that you would be a little more troublesome than you were at your first visit for never had I a more discreet guest. As soon as we return from Dusseldorf you shall hear from me. I hope you will remain in good health till we meet ...", 3 sides 8vo., Argyle Lodge, Wimbledon Common, 7th April

Item Date:  1863
Stock No:  40658      £200

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MARX (Zeppo, 1901-1979, American actor and comedian, one of the Marx Brothers)

Cheque Signed made out to Hallmark TV in California for the sum of $264.95, on a printed form with his name and address in Sunset Boulevard on the left hand side and the Security Pacific National Bank on the right, 8" x 3½", Palm Springs, California, 6th January

Item Date:  1975
Stock No:  40659      £150

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MITCHELL (Edgar Dean, 1930-2016, NASA Astronaut on Apollo 14) and Vladimir AKSYONOV (born 1935, Cosmonaut)

Photograph signed on the verso by the two astronauts showing them standing on either side of Boris TAMM (1922-2000, Soviet Soldier and Vice-Rector of Tallin University of Technology), 7¾" x 6", Tallin, 10th September

Item Date:  1987
Stock No:  40667      £275

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MOFFAT (Robert, 1795-1883, Missionary-Explorer in Bechuanaland, Father-in-Law of Livingstone)

Exceptional Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Passan, saying that he has heard "from our mutual & very dear friend Mrs Wills I understand that you are continuing to suffer so much as to be almost continually confined to bed. Deeply do I sympathise with you in your severe affliction, & who that knows you would not desire to have a part were it in their power ... but the hand divine can impart relief in your deep affliction. No voice but His who calmed the Galilean Sea can breath into your spirit the peace that the world cannot give. Bu I am only repeating what you now know better than even I can. You have long been in the divine crucible & have had experiences far beyond my power to describe. I can only give expression of my deep feeling for you. I can also remember you at the throne of our Heavenly Father, that our Adorable Redeemer may smooth your path & lay under you the everlasting arms of His mercy, & continue to brighten your prospects, that when you have suffered His will here you have an abundant entrance administered to you into those mansions of bliss when the inhabitants will no more say 'I am sick' ..." he then continues that "After the new edition of the Sechuana Bible was finished I took about a six months tour of the North of England and Scotland engaged in advocating the Missionary cause wherever I came. Consignments of the scriptures have been sent out to most of the Bechuana mission stations where they are eagerly looked for. I feel the bad weather much. The wet, cold & gloom does not agree well with a constitution accustomed to a ... warm ... climate for more than half a century ...", 4 sides 8vo., on mourning paper, 7 Bedford Cottages, Barrington Road, 5th June lacking a small part of the top edge of the first page with the loss of a few words, professionally repaired

Item Date:  1873
Stock No:  40621      £675

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