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KELVIN (Lord, Sir William Thomson, 1824-1907, Physicist, Mathematician & Inventor)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to T. Todds telling him that “this will be presented to you by Mr Walter Blair, who wishes to make application to you for employment as surveyor of shipping under you. I gave him a testimonial sixteen years ago after he had been four years in my laboratory, and he has testimonials from Messrs A.& G. Ingles and Fleming and Ferguson, which show that he has done well, as I anticipated, ever since he left me. I shall be glad if you will give favourable consideration to his application and I believe that if you give him employment you will find him capable and satisfactory in his work...”, 4 sides 8vo., The University, Glasgow, 4th January

Item Date:  1898
Stock No:  42509      £225

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KEMBLE (Frances Anne, Mrs Pierce Butler, 1809-1893, Shakespearean Actress)

Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Walker saying that she has had a “sort of gouty turning in my conscience ever since I gave the lines I gave you - to Beauty for his Temple Bar. I feel as if I ought to have asked your permission before publishing them for I wrote them for you & not for the Public - your kind acquiescence in what I have done rather increases my remorse - you are very good to have written to me so kindly about it. I hope I may have the pleasure of seeing you...”, 3 sides sm. 8vo., 26 Hereford Square, “Tuesday 18th” no date

Item Date:  1880
Stock No:  39422      £125

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KEMBLE (Charles, 1775-1854, Actor)

Autograph Letter Signed to “My dear Friend” thanking him for “the opportunity afforded me of reading letters which breathe so wholesome a spirit of Piety and Resignation to the will of God; in him I trust that the example they afford may not be thrown away upon me! I return you the letters because you may wish to preserve them and sincerely condole with your Friend and his family on his sad bereavement - I hope to see you shortly, in the mean time I send my best love to your Fireside...”, 2 sides 8vo. 10 Park Place, 6th April

Item Date:  1848
Stock No:  42465      £125

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KETÈLBEY (Albert William, 1875-1959, English Composer of ‘In a Monastery Garden’)

Fine signature and inscription “with best wishes”, on a card, 5” x 3”, no place, dated in another hand, 16th January

Item Date:  1933
Stock No:  42468      £45

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KINGSLEY (Charles, 1819-1875, Novelist, Regius Professor of Modern History at Cambridge, 1860-1869)

Autograph letter signed to ’Dear Mr Vice Chancellor’ hoping that he will not be “doing a rude thing in asking you to excuse me from your dinner... I cannot but feel that on such an occasion, I ought to consider your invitation as something of an official command, as well as a mark of private hospitality & kindness. But it will be quite impossible for me to be in Cambridge that week... my engagements being, unfortunately, such as to prevent my attending the Installation - as, I need not say, I had much wanted to do... I confess that is is to me a disappointment. i only hope that it may not seem, to you, or to his Grace, something worse...”, 3 sides 8vo.., Eversley Rectory, 24th May

Item Date:  1862
Stock No:  39506      £175

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