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MARY (of Teck, 1867-1953, Queen of George V)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed (Mary R) to "Dear Jeannie", (Mrs McKay, housekeeper at York Cottage) saying that she has "arranged with Ellen that she is to go to the Cottage on Monday ... to take over from you & we hope you will remain on at York Cottage till July 1st. Perhaps you had better put Ellen into Emily Neller's room on your floor just for the time. When you leave we hope you will take your bed & mattress, the sofa which was got specially for you & which I know you like, the curtains and carpet & the cushions of your chairs as they all match & you will like to have something to remind you of your old room. It is a great grief to us that you are leaving after all these years, but I am sure the rest will be good for you & you will not then have all the little minor worries you had at the Cottage. We have just returned to London after spending 5 weeks at Windsor, only the weather was perfectly dreadful ...", 4 sides 8vo., on Buckingham Palace headed paper with red embossed heading, 14th May

Item Date:  1918
Stock No:  40192      £325

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MARY (of Teck, 1867-1953, Queen of George V)

Fine Autograph Note Signed (Mary R) to "Jeannie", (Mrs McKay, housekeeper at York Cottage) sending her "every good wish for 1919", 1 side Buckingham Palace headed card with red embossed heading, 4½" x 3¾", Buckingham Palace,

Item Date:  1918
Stock No:  40193      £145

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McCARTHY (Justin, 1839-1912, Irish M.P., Novelist and Historian)

Brief Autograph Note Signed to an unnamed correspondent "With Kind Regards, Very Truly yours", 1 side 8vo., 73 Eaton Terrace headed paper, London, 28th February

Item Date:  1893
Stock No:  40216      £65

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MEHEMET ALI PASHA (1769-1849, Viceroy of Egypt, the Founder of Modern Egypt)

Fine Letter Signed in Persian and Italian with translation and transcription to Major General PONSONBY (Frederick Cavendish, 1783-1837, Governor of Malta) responding to Ponsonby's request to buy wheat from Egypt, through his representative Mr Calvert, he says that he "immediately gave Mr Bogho in charge of commercial affairs the order to deal with Mr. Calvert in accordance with the intentions of your Excellency, which was executed in March by this commercial house, Messrs. Briggs Comp. It was therefore established that what was needed between them, and the agreement will be communicated to Your Excellency both by Mr. Calvert and by Messrs Briggs ...", written on one sheet in Persian in an Arabic script and on the other leaf in Italian and signed, together with a lithographic print in poor condition, together 3 sides 4to., Alexandria, February

Item Date:  1828
Stock No:  40200      £1275

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MILNE (A. A., 1882-1956, Writer, Creator of 'Winnie the Pooh')

Autograph Letter Signed in full to Miss Nicholson regretting that "there is nothing suitable in the new Haymarket play, and I don't think any arrangements have yet been made for Blayds to go on tour. But if the chance came I would very gladly consider you for a part ...", 1 side 8vo., 11 Mallord Street, Chelsea headed paper, 7th May

Item Date:  1922
Stock No:  40176      £475

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