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DOYLE (Sir Arthur Conan, 1859-1930, Writer and Physician, Creator of ‘Sherlock Holmes’), Sir Humphrey ROLLESTON (1862-1944, Prominent English Physician), Arthur James BALFOUR (1st Earl of Balfour, 1848-1930, Prime Minister), Sir Berkeley MOYNIHAN (1st Baron, 1865-1936, British Abdominal Surgeon), Sir Harold J. STILES (1863-1946, Surgeon, known for his research into Cancer and Tuberculosis), Dr John WEIR (1879-1971, Scottish Physician and Homeopath), Sir David FERRIER (1843-1928, Pioneering Scottish Neurologist and Psychologist) and Sir Robert HUTCHINSON (1st Baronet, 1871-1960, Scottish Physician and Paediatrician)

Fine Menu for the Edinburgh University Club of London, signed in pencil by all the above on the front, on the occasion of their 200th Dinner, with a History of the club, the Programme of Music, the Menu including Oysters, Fillets of Sole with peas, The 200th Haggis ending with Canapé Ivanhoe, the Toast List and finally Lists of Chairmen, Honorary Members, Members Attending and finally a Table Plan, with all the signatures and a few others on the front cover, 12 pages 4to., and the fold out map, The Connaught Rooms, Great Queen Street, WC2, 23rd November

Item Date:  1923
Stock No:  42461      £475

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DRIBERG (Thomas Edward Neil, Baron Bradwell, 1905-1976, Jouornalist, Politician, Anglican Churchman and possibly Soviet Spy)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to Dennis WHEATLEY (1897-1977, Novelist) thanking him for his letter “Hutchinson’s sent the MS back less than a week ago, without even a covering letter, having scribbled all over it in pencil (though I suspect that covering letter was merely omitted in error, for there was a functionless clip on the cover. If you think another publisher would ‘bite’ at the MS as it is, it would be angelic of you to try it on them. I am too bored with it now to tinker with it any more & should simply like to get of out & off my chest. The Express are now of their own accord toying with the idea of bringing out a book of reprinted Hickey. This might of course include the New York section, but in some ways I would rather an ordinary publisher did it; they might pay me a £ or two and would probably print it better...”, 2 sides 4to., Renishaw Hall, Derbyshire headed paper with a fine vignette at the head, Sunday, no date together with a carbon copy of Wheatley’s reply apologising for his late reply as “the Voroshilov book ran out to 120,000 words - nearly double the length that I originally intended,... If you will send me your M.S. I will try it on other publishers with pleasure. Collins, Arthur Barker, Harrap, Robert Hale, Michael Joseph, Chatto, Iver Nicholson are the ones I know best. Who would you prefer me to try it on Arthur Barker is a good man and likes things that are a bit out of the ordinary...”, 1 side A4, no place, 19th August

Item Date:  1937
Stock No:  42444      £175

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DUCKWORTH (Robinson, 1834-1911, from 1875 Canon of Westminster, tutor to Prince Leopold, accompanied Prince of Wales on Eastern Tour, associate of Lewis Carroll)

Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Mackenzie, suggesting “any time between 12 & 2 on Wednesday... for trying over the duet”, 1 side 8vo., 32 Abercorn Place, N.W., 26th June laid down on card

Item Date:  1882
Stock No:  42442      £75

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[DUCKWORTH (Robinson, 1834-1911, from 1875 Canon of Westminster, tutor to Prince Leopold, accompanied Prince of Wales on Eastern Tour, associate of Lewis Carroll)]

Fine Unsigned original Albumen photo showing him head and shoulders in profile, wearing his clerical clothes with a dog collar, 5¾” x 4¼”, no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1875
Stock No:  42443      £75

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ELGAR (Sir Edward, 1857-1934, Composer)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Irving saying he “will write with the greatest pleasure. Will you send me a note telling me if the Strolling players were, (in 1883) ‘led’ by Pollitzer - & who conducted them?...”, 1 side 8vo., Langham Hotel, Portland Place, London crossed out and “Wed. home tomorrow” put in its place, no date

Item Date:  1914
Stock No:  42458      £975

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