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[ANDERSEN (Hans Christian, 1805-1875, Danish Author of plays, Novels and Poems, particularly remembered for his Fairy Tales)]

Unsigned carte de visite photo by Georg E Hansen showing him half length in profile, 4" x 2½", no place, no date,

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ANDRZEJEWSKI (Jerzy,b. 1909, Polish Writer)

Autograph Letter Signed to Eileen Cond, thanking her for her kind letter and returning her bookplate signed, with original typed airmail envelope, ul. Swierczewskiego 53, Warsaw 4, 20th February

Item Date:  1961
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ARCHER (William, 1856-1924, Critic & Journalist)

Signature with end of Autograph Letter Signed

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ARMSTRONG (Anthony [Willis], 1897-1976, Author & Playwright)

Fine signature and date, 2nd July

Item Date:  1942
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ARMSTRONG (Martin Donisthorpe, 1882-1974, Writer and Editor)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Roughie', William Nicol Roughead, (publisher and editor) saying he regards it "as a sacred duty ... to do my best to reduce the alarming accumulation of booze in your cupboard", but "when the blessed opportunity will arise I cannot say, but ... I will give you good notice", the fact that Roughead is well "means, I presume, that there is purl on the water & the fish on the feed", sadly he must forgo "the Saintsbury Dinner", named after the critic George Saintsbury, 1845-1933, "the laws of hospitality forbid", 2 sides 8vo., Farrs, Sutton, near Pulborough, Sussex, 11th October

Item Date:  1948
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