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BAILLIE (Dame Isobel, 1895-1983, Scottish Soprano)

Signature & subscription from a Typed Letter Signed

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BAILLIE (Dame Isobel, 1895-1983, Soprano)

Autograph Letter Signed to Harold Chipp, of the Cheltenham Gramophone Society, from Cornell Music Department as visiting professor, about a talk on her return to England, Cornell University, 1 side airmail letter, Ithaca, NY, 19th May two neat filing holes

Item Date:  1961
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BAKER (Richard Douglas James, b. 1925, Radio and Television Newsreader and Broadcaster)

Autograph Letter Signed to Miss M.J. Whichello, of the Cheltenham Gramophone Society, saying he would "love to come - but our work here may be somewhat reorganised in the autumn, & I don't know my availability", asking to "leave it till next year!", B.B.C. TV Centre, Wood Lane, W.12, 12th May n.y., c.

Item Date:  1975
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BARBIROLLI (Sir John, 1899-1970, Conductor, 1943-1958, of the Hallé orchestra) and Sheila RANDELL (Pianist)

Programme, signed on the front cover, of the concert by the Hallé of pieces by Rossini, Maurice Johnstone ('Tarn Hows', 1949), Mozart (Piano Concerto in C minor) and Sibelius (2nd Symphony), with good programme notes by Eric Fenby and full list of players including 'holders of the 20 years' service medal', 12 sides 10" x 7½", Grand Hall, The Spa, Scarborough, 8th May

Item Date:  1951
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BARBIROLLI (Sir John, 1899-1970, Conductor, 1943-1958, of the Hallé orchestra) and his wife Evelyn, Lady BARBIROLLI(1911-2008, Oboist)

Small collection of letters and cards to Miss Marjorie Kitchin the first being a long typed letter signed by both sending sympathy that she is in hospital "the fact that you have been there since October leads us to suspect it must be something serious and we really are worried ... We were a little late ... getting your card as we were in the South for Christmas .. John has been in Berlin conducting the Philharmonic there and got back last night ... very happy over a great success in Berlin. It's a wonderful orchestra and public and they really adore him there .. we go to London ... and then John has Halle concerts and I have a 9 day tour of Scotland with concert every night! ... right up in the North ... Then we leave for America ... It's a wonderful and exciting life but it is one which means we don't see our friends because we are out of the country so much and so busy when we are back in it ...", 2 sides 4to., 4 New Hall Road, Salford, January 1966, there are then three autograph postcards signed "John", the first says that he wishes "he had been with Evelyn when she saw you & do pray you will soon be home again ..." on a coloured postcard of Houston, 21st February 1966, the next says he is "on tour with the Houston Symphony through U.S.A. I thought you would like this card a lovely little serene spot in this vast country ...". on a coloured postcard of the Home Moravian Church in Winston Salem, 22nd March 1966 and the third says "this is a lovely setting for the summer Concerts here. Bless you for your sweet letter, you really are an angel .. see you in Edinburgh ..", on a coloured postcard of Rome, 23rd August 1966, finally there are 3 autograph letters and a long typed letter from Evelyn, the first signed also by John, is "just a 'get well' card because we haven't found what we wanted for you. I think we will in America ...", 1 side 8vo., no place, no date, the next typed letter gives long and comprehensive details about their travels and work, "the Society had booked me ... to play the Strauss Concerto 13 times in 15 days which really was rather much ... We had four days in Houston, two of which we spent with lawyers, and he had the Messiah to conduct ... Then we dashed to California for legal trouble and spent three days there making depositions, before flying home ... I forget if I told you that we are suing John's manager's widow? All very unpleasant and we have lost all our savings but the let down of trust in people we had known as friends ... was the worst part ... I wish John could make himself do a little less. Much as he loves to conduct all the time - it is really a crazy and a killing schedule that he does year after year ..." and she asks after her health and about her selling her house, 2 sides 8vo., 4 New Hall Road, the final Autograph Letter from Evelyn tell her that John was ill in bed over Christmas but they are now off to "Naples for 5 days & then on to Berlin for 10 ... We are very distressed that you've had such back trouble ... How I wish I, you, or anyone else could persuade John to stop for a few days - but he hates holidays! I'm nearly as bad as I work too and travel with him - Alas this season's tour in Scotland for me did not include anywhere near Killin, which was disappointing but ONE day I will look in ...", with an Autograph Postscript signed by John, saying how sweet it was of her to write, it "did give me so much pleasure, with many nostalgic memories of lovely days and weeks ... my blessings on the new house ...", 4 sides 8vo., Walton Lodge, and the final letter is a facsimile dated the day of John's death saying that her "husband would have been greatly touched by the wonderful tributes of affection and admiration which have been sent to me and to members of his family . In this knowledge these messages bring to me now some solace, for which I am deeply grateful ...", with an autograph note to Marjorie telling her that "John had several heart attacks and finally a massive coronary. It was much the best for him. An invalid's life would have been so hard for him ...", 3 sides 8vo., Manchester 29th July

Item Date:  1970
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