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BEECHEY (Sir William, 1753-1839, Painter)

Autograph Letter to James NORTHCOTE (James, 1746-1831, Historical & Portrait Painter, R.A., & Author) "or in his absence Wm Owen Esq. Royal Academy" (William, 1769-1825, Portrait Painter) saying that as he is "so extremely ill that I cannot venture out today without the greatest danger, I must therefore beg that Mr Owen and yourself will excuse my non attendance ...", 1 side 8vo., with original autograph address leaf, no place, Tuesday morning, no date, in a fine red leather case with a crest on the front and the words "Autographe de Sir W. Beechey", corners of address leaf damaged at seal opening

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[BLERIOT (Louis, 1872-1936, French Pioneer Airman, Made the first Aeroplane crossing of the English Channel in his monoplane in 1909)]

Fine original unsigned vintage photo showing him in overalls outside his aeroplane hangar with some of his colleagues and his plane in the background, 8¼" x 6½", no place, no date

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BLERIOT (Louis, 1872-1936, French Pioneer Airman, Made the first Aeroplane crossing of the English Channel in his monoplane in 1909)

Marvellous newspaper photo signed and dated, showing him seated, presumably on his plane, wearing his flying jacket and long eared jacket, 5" x 4", framed and glazed, total size 12" x 10", 26th July The picture has been professionally restored and de-acidified to ensure that it will not discolour.

Item Date:  1909
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BONINGTON (Christian John Storey, b. 1934, Mountaineer, writer and photographer)

Typed Letter Signed to Nicholas Griffin, thanking him for his letter about his fund raising auction, "Its certainly important that this excellent work should be continued", enclosing a signed copy of his book and some posters, i side A4, Badger Hill, Hesket Newmarket, Wigton, Cumbria, 28th May

Item Date:  1998
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BOWRING (Sir John, 1792-1872, M.P., F.R.S., Linguist, Governor and Ambassador, opened up trade with King Mongkut of Siam, favourite pupil of Jeremy Bentham)

Autograph envelope front signed to R. J. Watts

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