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ADELAIDE (of Saxe-Meiningen, 1792-1849, Queen of William IV, Adelaide, Australia is named after her)

Unsigned Autograph Part Letter Cover to Sir Henry TAYLOR, (1775-1839, Secretary to the Duke of York, George III, Queen Charlotte, George IV and William IV, Lieutenant General), bearing his name and a pleasing flourish, with part of the conjugate blank panel bearing a plain seal, 5¾" x 5¼" unfolded, no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1835
Stock No:  56685      £35

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ADELAIDE (of Saxe-Meiningen, 1792-1849, Queen of William IV, Adelaide, Australia is named after her)

Unusual Fine Large Signature "Adelaide R" as Queen, taken from a document, 6½" x 2½", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  39713      £75

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ADELAIDE (of Saxe-Meiningen, 1792-1849, Queen of William IV, Adelaide, Australia is named after her)

Charming Autograph Letter Signed 'Adélaide', as the recently widowed Queen Dowager to "My dearest Mary" sending her best wishes for her birthday and hoping she has many more in better health than she has been having, hoping that her next year will be "a happy one after all the misery of the last ... I hope I shall hear a good account of yourself that you feel better and stronger and are able to go out again. I am also very anxious about our dear Emily Winchilsea and beg to tell me your opinion of her State. Adolphus has been paying me a visit & has just left us again to return to town. He looks much better than when I last saw him but has not recovered his spirits yet, which I cannot wonder at. It is difficult after such losses as we have sustained & such scenes as we have gone through to regain composure even, & much less one's usual spirits, yet it is not impossible, when one seeks for consolation & support from the only source where it can be obtained. There it never fails. I am going on pretty well, but I feel my aches very much & have been suffering much from Rheumatic pains ... I take as much exercise in the open Air as the weather will allow & feel always benefitted by the Air which agrees here better with me than that of Brighton ..." she ends with the hope that Augusta has recovered, 4 sides 8vo., on mourning paper, St Leonard's, 18th December

Item Date:  1837
Stock No:  40367      £325

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ADEMOLA (Laadapo, Prince of Abeokuta in Nigeria, Alake 1920-62) and Adegboyega EDUN (Secretary 1902-1914 to the Egba United Government)

Album Leaf S 'Adegboyega Edun Secretary - Abeokuta Government' 'Laadapo Ademola Prince of Abeokuta', 1 side small 4to, 3rd July

Item Date:  1904
Stock No:  4458      £75

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ADOLPHUS FREDERICK (1774-1850, 7th son of George III, 1st Duke of Cambridge, Viceroy of Hanover 1816-1837)

Frank signed 'Cambridge' to Sir Henry Halford, Bt., 1766-1844, P.R.C.P., who attended George IV, William IV and Queen Victoria, no place, no date, c.

Item Date:  1830
Stock No:  51330      £25

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