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YORKE (Annie, 1844-1922, the Hon. Mrs. Eliot Yorke, younger daughter of Sir Anthony Rothschild, 1st Bart.)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Madam', saying she will support "Lady Emma Crichton on the platform on February the 18th, but as there will be many speeches, I should really prefer to listen", 2 sides 8vo black edged, Hamble Cliff, Netley, Southampton, Sunday 17th no date, c.

Item Date:  1900
Stock No:  51927      £25

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YOUNG (Arthur, 1741-1820, F.R.S., Agriculturist)

Autograph Letter Signed to Monsieur Maradan, publisher in Paris, at Rue du Cimetière, St. André des Arcs [now Arts], enclosing a letter [not present] for "Messrs. Benoist & Billecoque &c", the translators of his selected works, which Maradan printed under the auspices of the Directory in 18 vols. (1800-1801) as 'Le Cultivateur Anglois', acknowledging "your attention on this occasion", and asking for a copy of "the Translation & also of that of my Travels ... & a note of the price in Sterling money" which he would pay "to any person at London for you", 2 sides 4to, address on third side, no place, no date, c. fold strengthened, old neat repairs to spike holes but with loss of initial A in signature and most of addressee's surname in address panel

Item Date:  1800
Stock No:  19699      £150

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ZETLAND (2nd Earl, Thomas Lawrence, 1795-1873, Master of the Freemasons)

Fine signature and subscription from an Autograph Letter Signed, mounted with a contemporary engraving

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  8976      £35

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