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[BIRKBECK (Dr. George, 1776-1841, originator of Mechanics' Institutes)]

Bond to him for £400 by Mrs. Mary Anne Phillips, to be void provided she pays "£200 ... with lawful Interest ... on the 20th August now next ensuing", signed by her, with on the facing fourth side notes of part repayment, beginning with £105 on 30th August 1827, "recd. Interest to Aug. 1834 ... 18th February 1835 Exhibited under a Fiat against Mary Ann Phillips ... Paid dividend of 6½%" with stamp of official assignee, "Recd. July 6 1839: first dividend", engraved with manuscript details, the bond 1 side folio, no place, 7th February two small tears on opening seal with loss of a few letters (easily supplied)

Item Date:  1827
Stock No:  16739      £55

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[BIRKBECK (Dr. George, 1776-1841, originator of Mechanics' Institutes)]

Receipt by the Norwich Union Insurance Society for £15 2s. annual premium, for insuring his life for £499, signed by directors Alex. Thwaites and J Crowe, and agent Chas. A. Hacket, elegant printed form 5½" x 8", company's woodblock device, anti-forgery border in left margin divided vertically, 21 Birchin Lane, Cornhill, London, 27th December

Item Date:  1823
Stock No:  16740      £55

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BISHOP-CULPEPER (W.A., Astrologer)

Autograph letter signed to Mrs Murray-Jardine, with many planetary symbols, he is sorry that Katharine has had a fall, "The time was not favourable on the 22nd ... If you find indications in the yearly horoscope of a fall of course we must not be surprised ... I expect this fall has satisfied the aspect, and there will be no more", and asking what the fall was on to, returning "the Horoscope as to your friend's illness. You have made one or two mistakes", he goes into great detail over the planetary aspects, with his corrections "I see no sign of death ... this looks like a serious illness and a recovery", with a P.S. added by his wife, the children's writer N.C. Culpeper-Bishop, who has heard from Katharine "but no mention of a fall", and asking them over "on Sunday, if fine", 2 sides 9" x 7", The Cottage, Rusthall Avenue, Bedford Park, W., 30th October slit at horizontal fold without loss but holding

Item Date:  1902
Stock No:  54247      £75

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[BLOCK (Julius 1858-1934, Philophonist of German origin, Pioneer or Russian Sound Recordings)]

Unsigned Russian Cabinet photograph of an unidentified sitter inscribed on the verso to Block the image shows a distinguished looking bearded man, half length with one hand in his jacket and the inscription says that it is "a memento to the respected Yuliy Ivanovich Block from a sincerely devoted [signature ... K. Samus ...?] ...", 6½" x 4¼", St Petersburg, 1st January

Item Date:  1894
Stock No:  40525      £75

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BOILEAU (Sir John, F.R.S., F.S.A., 1794-1869, 1st Bart., Archaeologist)

AN in the third person, sending Mr. H.E. Smith a "P.O. order for the Lithographs", 1 side 4¼" x 4¼", 20 Upper Brook Street, London, 4th July laid down

Item Date:  1850
Stock No:  16800      £15

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