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BACK (Sir George, 1796-1878, Arctic Explorer)

Autograph Letter Signed to "Dear Luckett" saying that "If Monday evening next week suit your convenience & inclination we will then be with you ...", 1 side 16mo., Greenwich, Tuesday no date

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BAKER (Sir Samuel White, 1821-1893, Explorer & Sportsman)

Fine Long Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Boyle saying that "nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be of use to you, but in the matter of Stanley's reception at the Albert Hall on 5 May I am afraid that I am as helpless as all others. The Members of the Society are only allowed two tickets, i.e. for the member personally and for one lady. We are going to town 3 May on purpose, ands we shall stay for a few days with our friends the Douglas Murrays ... He is a member, therefore he can take his wife. Up to this moment I have not received my own tickets, and I have written a rather testy letter on the subject this evening the the Chief Clerk of the Society. I do not know whether the Society will make any new arrangements later, but if so, I will let you know, and endeavour to procure you a ticket. It will be one of those formidable crushes which delight English people. You have always been so kind to Agnes that I may confide to you the information that next month is expected to increase the small population at Newera Eliya in Ceylon. It is curious that she is now living in the same spot upon which she was born and if she has a child it will be baptised in the same church as herself, and which we were the first to originate and assist in building ...", 4 sides 8vo., Sandford Orleigh, Newton Abbot, 17th April

Item Date:  1890
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BAKER (Sir Samuel White, 1821-1893, Explorer & Sportsman)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to "Mr Harris" (Frank HARRIS, 1855-1931, Irish Editor, Novelist, Journalist and Publisher) saying that "On receipt of your letter I commenced an Article which will be finished tomorrow. I must ask you however to forgive me for remarking that I do not like alterations to be made in anything that I may write, after the last proofs have been returned, and I would rather decline to publish any article unless I know that every word is my own. Upon two occasions such alterations have been made in the 'Fortnightly' - in one of which, the phrase was curiously unlike any expression that I should myself have used. I have been asked by two or three lately to write an Article on the Soudan but I declined as I am much engaged with a book on practical Natural History. When your note came, the spirit suddenly moved me, although it will do no good. The present Govt is just as bad as the Gladstone in Egyptian affairs, and a little more Radical at home ...", 3 sides 8vo., Sandford Orleight, Newton Abbot, 1st September

Item Date:  1889
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BEAMONT (Revd. William John, 1828-1868, Fellow of Trinity College and Vicar of St. Michael's, Cambridge, Hon. Secretary of the Cambridge School of Art) and HEKEKYAN BEY (Joseph, 1807-1875, Armenian Egyptologist, the first to use geological stratigraphy in excavation)

Printed Ticket headed 'Cambridge School of Art Excursion to Barrington' (southwest of Cambridge), giving admission "to Amusements in Grounds and to Tea in School at Six o'Clock", with details of train times and fares, round Beamont's name is handwriting so as to read "in W.J. Beamont's rooms", with another note in his hand "We met him & his wife in Aug 1862" and the message by Hekekyan on the verso, 2½" x 3½", 3rd July

Item Date:  1861
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BEECHEY (Sir William, 1753-1839, Painter)

Autograph Letter to James NORTHCOTE (James, 1746-1831, Historical & Portrait Painter, R.A., & Author) "or in his absence Wm Owen Esq. Royal Academy" (William, 1769-1825, Portrait Painter) saying that as he is "so extremely ill that I cannot venture out today without the greatest danger, I must therefore beg that Mr Owen and yourself will excuse my non attendance ...", 1 side 8vo., with original autograph address leaf, no place, Tuesday morning, no date, in a fine red leather case with a crest on the front and the words "Autographe de Sir W. Beechey", corners of address leaf damaged at seal opening

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