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WOOD (John, 1801-1870, Painter and Sculptor)

Group of large autograph leaves of reminiscences and reflections, unsigned, and apparently unpublished, in his fine hand, including a striking and accomplished pencil drawing, 'Sir Francis Chantrey's visit to see my Model' (of 'Adam and Eve lamenting over the dead body of Abel', exhibited in 1823), together 12 sides on 10 sheets18" x 13¾", loose in a contemporary portfolio, no place, no date but watermark

Item Date:  1840
Stock No:  51782      £1750

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[WOTHLY (Jakob, 1823-1873, Pioneer Photographer at Aachen)]

Attractive portrait photograph by him of a lady, showing her full length, full face, in a fine hooped silk dress with lace ruffs, a fan in her right hand, printed direct to card, Wothly's blind embossed stamp below as Court Photographer to Prince Georg of Prussia, 1826-1904, with the latter's arms, the image approximately 9" x 10" in margins 14" x 11½", no place, no date, circa blank corners of margins neatly trimmed

Item Date:  1860
Stock No:  54240      £275

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ZINKEISEN (Anna, d. 1976, Portrait Painter)

Fine signature on card n.d., c.

Item Date:  1950
Stock No:  50791      £45

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