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AUCHINLECK (Sir Claude John Eyre, 1884-1981, British General and Commander in Chief in the Middle East and in India)

Striking Photograph of his fine portrait in oils, signed and dated on the image, showing him seated half length, full face with a determined look, in battle dress with ribbons, 11" x 8½" on card mount 16" x 13½", no place,

Item Date:  1945
Stock No:  55152      £375

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AUGEREAU (Pierre, 1757-1816, Marshal of the French Empire, 1804, 1st Duke of Castiglione, 1808)

Document Signed to General François Joseph LEFEBVRE (1755-1820, Marshal of the Empire, 1804, 1st Duke of Dantzig, 1808), "Commander in Chief of the Left Wing of the Regiments" of the Army of Germany, in French with translation, forwarding "a request [not present] from Citizen Levêque, former Commissioner of Wars, and a letter from General Jacobé-Trigny" (Augustin Jean-Baptiste,1751-1814, General of Brigade, 1795), "who recommends him. I need your advice in order to make up my mind about this Citizen, whom you must know better than I", and ending "Friendly regards", with an autograph footnote "Find out about the other citizen mentioned", at the head is a fine engraving (unsigned) of Marianne on a column bearing "French Republic. Constitution of the Year 3", (which set up the Directory, 1795-1799), below her are an officer drawing his sword and a female warrior holding a flag "The Victorious Armies", the attractive background includes an encampment, a flag "Vanquish or Die", a field gun, and cavalry galloping to cross a bridge, with Augereau's name as commanding the Army of Germany, 1 side tall folio, Offenburg, Baden, 26th Brumaire Year 6, 16th November

Item Date:  1797
Stock No:  55533      £750

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AUGIER (Rene, c. 1640, French Agent)

Receipt signed to  Thomas FAUCONBERG  (Belasyse, 1627-1700, Supporter & son in law of Cromwell, Receiver General of the Revenue), acknowledging receipt of £100, 5" x 2¾" taken from a larger instruction to pay document, 2nd November unevenly torn on left hand edge with some loss of text

Item Date:  1644
Stock No:  4774      £35

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AUSTIN (Alexander Berry, d.1943, British War Correspondent)

Service Sheet of memorial service in Fleet Street to Austin and to William John Munday and Stewart Sale, war correspondents, killed 28th September 1943 with the Fifth Army at Scafati, Italy, with an account from the 'Times', tipped in, of 2nd October

Item Date:  1943
Stock No:  12127      £20

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BADEN POWELL (Robert, Lord, 1857-1941, Defender of Mafeking & Founder of the Boy Scouts)

Typed Letter Signed with a fine full signature to E. A. Robinson thanking him for his "kindness in sending me the copies of 'The Mite'. It is quite the smallest book I have ever seen, and it is an interesting momento of my visit to Grimsby ...", 1 side A4, The Castle, Richmond, Yorkshire, 13th August

Item Date:  1909
Stock No:  40471      £525

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