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BARNARD (Christiaan Neethling, 1922-2001, South African Cardiac Surgeon who performed the first human to human Heart Transplant)

Black and White Photo Signed showig him head and shoulders, smiling, wearing a polo neck jumper, with his compliments slip and envelope addressed to David Milner, 5¼" x 3½", no place, no date but postmarked 25th October

Item Date:  1989
Stock No:  39944      £65

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[BAZAINE (Pierre-Dominique 'Adolphe', 1809-1893, French Railway Engineer)]

Unsigned Carte-de-visite Photo showing him full length, standing by a chair wearing an overcoat, 3¾" x 2¾", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  39966      £85

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BEAUFORT (Sir Francis, 1774-1857, F.R.S., Rear-Admiral and Hydrographer)

AN in the third person to Sir Charles Bell, 1774-1842, the discoverer of the distinct functions of the nervous system, thanking him "for ... permission to attend his lectures", 1 side 8vo, 8 Cumberland Street, 4th March top and bottom trimmed without loss

Item Date:  1833
Stock No:  51957      £250

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BELL (Alexander Graham, 1847-1922,Inventor of the Telephone)

Fine Typed Letter Signed to Mr Lane, (the Honorable Franklin K. Lane, U.S. Secretary of the Interior), marked PERSONAL thanking him for his "note of August 4 enclosing copy of your admirable address relating to the ratification of the Peace Treaty by the Senate....", saying that he has "read this with the very greatest interest and approval ..." and thanking him for letting him see it, 1 side 4to., Beinn Bhreagh, nr Baddeck, Nova Scotia, 15th August framed with a 5" x 7" Pach Bros. portrait of the inventor.

Item Date:  1915
Stock No:  28779      £2250

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BENNETT (Edward Turner, 1797-1836, Promoted Establishment of Entomological Society, which developed into the Zoological Society of London)

Signature, 29th November laid down

Item Date:  1835
Stock No:  13806      £10

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