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ARMSTRONG (Martin Donisthorpe, 1882-1974, Writer and Editor)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Roughie', William Nicol Roughead, (publisher and editor) saying he regards it "as a sacred duty ... to do my best to reduce the alarming accumulation of booze in your cupboard", but "when the blessed opportunity will arise I cannot say, but ... I will give you good notice", the fact that Roughead is well "means, I presume, that there is purl on the water & the fish on the feed", sadly he must forgo "the Saintsbury Dinner", named after the critic George Saintsbury, 1845-1933, "the laws of hospitality forbid", 2 sides 8vo., Farrs, Sutton, near Pulborough, Sussex, 11th October

Item Date:  1948
Stock No:  15245      £15

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ARNOLD (Matthew, 1822-1888, Poet)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Bruce telling her that they "have just returned home, and I lose no time in sending you the promised photographs. I have often thought of Brynderwyn and its inhabitants and my very pleasant visit, I hope Miss Bruce is stronger, and that you do not cough. I can heartily wish you encouraged to pass your winter at home, for I suspect the climate is too cold for you. Tell Mr Bruce that on the Wye I persevered and caught a grilse, but it was out of condition, no one, where I was, had been doing any better. But I saw the Upper Wye, one of the most beautiful of streams and I have seen the Usk and the view from your house towards the Blorenge and its brothers and that is something to do and to remember, even though one catches no salmon. My morning walk and afternoon drive with Mr Bruce will live in my recollection for a long while ...", 3 sides 8vo., Pains Hill Cottage, Cobham, 23rd October very slight damage in bottom right hand corner, slightly effecting the signature

Item Date:  1887
Stock No:  41273      £475

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ARNOLD (Matthew, 1822-1888, Poet)

Autograph Letter Signed to the Dean of ELY (Rev. Charles MERIVALE, 1808-1893, Historian and Churchman) telling him that "The 'French Eton' was published in Macmillan's Magazine, but Macmillan reprinted it at a cheap rate, I think 2/6, and I do not think it is, like my book on Foreign Schools & Universities, out of print ...", 1 side 8vo., Education Department, Whitehall headed paper, Harrow, 2nd October

Item Date:  1872
Stock No:  40142      £550

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ARNOLD (Matthew, 1822-1888, Poet)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Macmillan thanking her for her invitation which he accepts "with great pleasure, but I have quarters near the Club where I will return to sleep, thank you for your hospitable offer all the same ...", 1 side 8vo., Pains Hill Cottage, Cobham, 25th April no year, circa

Item Date:  1885
Stock No:  40097      £575

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ARNOLD (Matthew, 1822-1888, Poet)

Fine signature and date, 22nd February laid down on card with a postcard portrait

Item Date:  1878
Stock No:  21390      £115

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