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BARTHOLOMEW (Valentine, 1799-1879, Flower painter to Queen Victoria)

Unsigned fragment of an autograph letter, explaining that "as you were away from London I thought the delay in sending the skeleton sketch to enable you to write the short Memoir might not be of any consequence", resulting in "what I fear may [have] been thought neglect", he is now "getting nearly free of teaching" and before leaving town "about next Friday ... hope to send what you require", old identification on verso, 1 side 5¼" x 4¾", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1850
Stock No:  53462      £40

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BATEMAN (Henry Mayo, 1887-1970, Australian Cartoonist, worked for 'Punch')

Printed copy of one of his cartoons signed and dated underneath, the cartoon is titled "The Pupil who excelled his Master" and shows a young man painting with his teacher looking on and plainly in a rage, Bateman has written in his stylised capitals under the picture "H. M. BATEMAN - 'Punch' 12.3.30" and has signed and dated it under that, 8½" x 5¾". no place, 27th March

Item Date:  1930
Stock No:  40051      £225

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BAWDEN (Edward, 1903-1989, Painter, Illustrator and Graphic Artist)

Two Fine Autograph Letters Signed 'Edward' to Michael ROTHENSTEIN (1908-1993, Printmaker, Painter and Art Teacher) concerning John Norris WOOD (1930-2015, Natural History Illustrator) the first says that Clive GARDINER (1891-1960, poster designer and illustrator and Principal of Goldsmiths between 1929 and 1958) "has agreed to accept John Wood for Goldsmiths simply upon my word for for it that he is a student worth having ... I told John that I thought he ought to get to town next week to see both Camberwell & Goldsmiths for himself, then he could decide which school he liked best. I feel I have interfered enough in J.W.'s affairs - he can now settle the rest for himself, the only thing I wanted to make sure about was that he wld be able to get into an art school for certain. John will ring you up on Wednesday to let you know whether he has permission to go up to London soon. Well, I don't think I need to give you a letter of introduction to Clive Gardiner because it is unlikely & quite unnecessary for you to to to New Cross with an armful of paintings in the event of John's rejection at Camberwell ...", 2 sides 8vo., the second on an airletter form from Canada is replying to a letter about Wood saying that "a few days before I had yr letter I received two air mail letters from Charlotte [Bawden's wife] whc were mainly devoted to the same subject : how troublesome J.W. was being both to you & to her, and of his incapacity to look after his own interests. My immediate reaction was one of extreme annoyance & as a consequence I wrote him a very blunt letter to point out that in the first place he ought to accept admission to Camberwell as being in the nature of a privilege, that it was not for him to question whatever Daniels thought of his work but to accept criticism for its own worth, especially when given by a man who had had years of experience. Secondly, I told that if he were prepared to work hard he would learn a great deal at any Art School whether or not he agreed with the point of view of the instructors ... if he doesn't get himself into an Art School by the end of September I intend to give up trying to help him ... my exasperation with J.W. was increased by the reflection that he had some talent & made no use of it, whereas many of the students here who don't seem to possess any talent at all do achieve much more than he has ever done simply because of their enthusiasm to learn & their willingness to work hard. I have never before had a class that has achieved so much. The other day I counted all the finished paintings which had been hung on the walls : there were ninety, the result of five week's work for 15 to 17 students, several of whom came to me for only half the day. It is true we had one neurotic creature, a mad middle-aged Englishwoman, who thought she was entitled to a studio & model to herself, but she faded out mercifully on her own accord ...", 3 sides form with autograph address on the front, Banff School of Fine Art, Alberta, 15th August

Item Date:  1949
Stock No:  40583      £350

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BAWDEN (Edward, 1903-1989, Painter, Illustrator and Graphic Artist)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed 'Edward' to Michael ROTHENSTEIN (1908-1993, Printmaker, Painter and Art Teacher) about the exhibition catalogue for the Great Bardfield Artists Open Exhibition of 1958 saying that he "cannot send you the reproduction of The Bull or of your portrait because these are in the paste-up only & no duplicates have been sent. Compared to the original photographs the reproductions seem good. Can you leave it to me pass them them as being O.K. The text is another matter & you ought to scan it carefully yourself ... I want the least delay in getting corrected proofs to Cowells. The title page is a bit florid but I hope it is not too bad an opening: I feel that the weight & width is right & and that something rich is needed to support Walter's design on the cover. The only other thing is that the introduction must be cut by 8 lines ...", in a postscript signed with an initial 'E', Bawden asks "have you any framed prints of drawings in your studio which cld be borrowed for the Basildon Arts Festival Aug ... One or two only wld. be required. John and I hope to select & hang the show on the 12th. It's the first time Basildon has had an exhibition. I've received a s.o.s for help & have got contributions from George, Clifford & Walter. Basildon is a new town near Billericay & the Council & Art Society seem to have progressive cultural ideas. As it is in the county I think it is in our interest to give our support ...", 4 sides 8vo., on Brick House, Great Bardfield Headed paper, Essex, 30th July

Item Date:  1957
Stock No:  40584      £250

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BEATON (Sir Cecil, 1904-1980, Photographer & Designer) and Isla BLAIR (born 1944, Actress and Singer)

Vintage Gelatin Silver Print, signed by Beaton on the mount showing her full length in costume as Antoinette, standing in a coquettish pose on an elaborately decorated staircase, wearing a frilly white dress, 14½" x 10" in mount 19" x 14", Paris,

Item Date:  1967
Stock No:  41321      £175

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