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WOOD (Revd. John George, 1827-1889, writer on Natural History and Editor of White's 'Selborne')

Autograph letter signed to James Hain Friswell, 1825-1878, the popular writer, saying "You were mentioning a joint book. What is your idea?", adding "the C. Service Warrant is executed & there is no hope of getting payment for the past year", 1 side 7" x 4½", Belvedere, Kent, 6th July blank foot sunned without loss

Item Date:  1876
Stock No:  54200      £45

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YONGE (Charlotte M., 1823-1901, Novelist, Biographer & Writer for Children)

Signature taken from Autograph Letter Signed with subscription, "With much regret, yours sincerely"

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  27195      £10

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ZUMPT (Karl Gottlob, 1792-1849, German Classical Scholar)

Unsigned autograph address panel, to "Dr. Leonard Schmitz", 1(809-1890), "Rector of the high-school Edinburgh", laid down with a note 'was nearly blind when he wrote this direction', postmarked Berlin, British postmark 24th April

Item Date:  1848
Stock No:  13573      £35

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