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BEATON (Sir Cecil, 1904-1980, Photographer & Designer)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to "Dearest Ava", Lady Waverley, signed "Cecil" (1896-1974, wife of Sir John Anderson, Viscount Waverley) writing from Los Angeles, "It's really unbelievable - little did I realise when I signed the dotted line that they wouldn't be making any of the picture in London. But even Ascot & Covent Garden are to be recreated in the back lot - & here I must remain - nose to suburban arcadian - ground - until the day they decide I'm no longer indispensable. Of course it's a job I have to do - & it will help pay my taxes - but never again! I'm too old to waste such valuable time. However I'm disciplining myself thoroughly - not to look at the ugliness surrounding me, & to read the classics & to see the only few civilised people there are hiding in these hills. My new bungalow looks out on a Walt Disneyesque patio - with Italian fountain, marguerites and jasmine - it's really rather pretty & I'm going to swim in the pool each morning before driving myself on the terrifying speedways to the Office. I've never before had a desk to sit behind and a secretary to keep people at bay - & it's all a series of Firsts for me. Perfectly good for the character if hard on the soul ... the weekends come as a blessing & are more important than they have been since boarding school. Tell me your news! I expect you are full of activity & verve. I expect you will be waltzing at Windsor Castle in honour of Princes Alexandra & in touch with the nation's protectors. It would be kind if you would write to your friend in exile, & tell me for example what you thought of Freddie's latest or Nicholas Lawford's previous ...", 2 sides 4to., Hotel Bel Air headed paper, Los Angeles, 1st April

Item Date:  1963
Stock No:  39372      £775

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BEERBOHM (Sir H. Max, 1872-1956, Humorist & Caricaturist)

Fine long Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent saying that he very much regrets "that I shall have to forgo the pleasure of dining with the ... Company tomorrow .. what prevents me is the necessity of attending the performance of a play at the Coronet Theatre, on behalf of the 'Saturday Review', a play presented on this night only - I am very sorry - for myself - that this professional duty intervenes between me and the great pleasure to which I had been looking forward - I wish I could escape, but am in duty bound ...", 3 sides 8vo., 48 Upper Berkeley Street, Sunday, no year but circa

Item Date:  1907
Stock No:  39652      £675

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BEERBOHM (Sir H. Max, 1872-1956, Humorist & Caricaturist)

Fine signature on card "yours truly" with the date and a flourish, 5" x 3½", no place, April

Item Date:  1936
Stock No:  39646      £100

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BEGAS (Rheinhold, 1831-1911, German Sculptor)

Signature on piece, n.d., c.

Item Date:  1900
Stock No:  15167      £35

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BELL (Professor Quentin Claudian Stephen, 1910-1996, Painter, Sculptor, Potter, Author and Art Critic)

Brief Autograph Note with fine Signature to Mrs Dupré 1 side 8vo., with original autograph envelope, Cobbe Place, Beddingham, Lewes, postmarked 21st November

Item Date:  1971
Stock No:  41690      £145

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