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AGNEW (Sir William, 1825-1910, M.P., art dealer, 1st Bart.)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs. Bridson-Smith, saying that in Rome "they expect spring weather" to begin in February, he is "writing now by an open window!", although he knows Rome well "there is constant food for thought", recalling "over and over again the lessons of childhood and manhood", 2 sides 8vo., Grand-Hôtel, Rome, 2nd February guard just touches ends of a few lines

Item Date:  1905
Stock No:  24306      £20

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Album of drawings, verses, autograph musical quotations, and thoughts, including 2 skilful and attractive pen and ink drawings, signed E.J. Ellis, showing a tall mother and three young daughters visiting a farm (5th June 1868), the mother hands a puppy down to the youngest, the farmer and his cows are in the yard behind, in the second are the mother and a daughter whose stick the dog has just seized, two horses across the stream are coming to investigate (Christmas 1868), the album opens with verses in German on friendship signed C.M., (October 1866), and includes in Italian 'alla Signora Maria Casella' (apparently the album's owner), lines wishing the writer Emilio Naudin were a poet to sing her praises, among the other entries in French and Italian is an AMQS by Jules Lasserre (who was principal 'cellist at Her Majesty's Theatre) of his (new) 'Berceuse pour Violoncelle' (5 bars in B flat major, 1871), brown morocco, gilt edges, upper cover with a pattern of large and small diamonds in gold and black, together 9 entries on 9 sides stout card (versos and remaining 24 leaves blank), 9½" x 7½", n.p. and London, 1866 - binding rubbed mainly at spine and edges, joints starting but firm

Item Date:  1871
Stock No:  52675      £175

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ALLEN (Mary Hope, 1898-2001, Pioneer BBC Writer & Producer)

Signed Pencil Drawing of a Male Model, made as a student at the Slade School of Art, in the top right hand corner below her signature she has written "For permission to paint", to which Henry TONKS (1862-1937, London Slade Professor, 1918-1930) has added "a little more drawing" with his signature, on the verso and on a second sheet are related trials, with on the fourth side a fine drawing of a female head and neck in profile, hair gathered behind at the neck, apparently in another hand, it is possibly of Mary herself, together 4 sides 15" x 10", [Slade School, University College, London], no date, circa a little worn at edges with many pin marks in the corners, a modern hand has written by the portrait head on Side 4, "Slade ? by whom? of whom?" barely touching the image

Item Date:  1922
Stock No:  66236      £275

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[ALMA-TADEMA (Sir Laurence, 1836-1912, Classical Painter)]

Unsigned carte de visite photo by the London Stereoscopic Company showing him head and shoulders, wearing glasses, with a small beard, 4¼" x 2½", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  38410      £75

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Amusing Autograph Note Signed 'C' to Miss Gill, with a Drawing, showing him abjectly kneeling holding the note towards a lady (no head or shoulders) disdainfully receiving it, and saying "Indeed I am most awfully sorry about the mistake in date", 1 side card 3½" x 4½", Ealing, 10 a.m. 5th April

Item Date:  1911
Stock No:  56165      £55

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