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ANDERSON (T. Percival, M.B.E., Artist)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Greener, 'of course' accepting 'your most kind invitation', 1 side folio hand-made paper, 13b Western Street, Brighton, 25th October

Item Date:  1925
Stock No:  51190      £20

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ANDERSON (John Macvicar, 1835-1915, P.R.I.B.A 1891-1894)

Interesting printed RIBA Card signed, Hon. Sec., 'William H. White', Secretary, countersigned 'S.J. Nicholl', the architect, (1826-1905), requesting all concerned to afford Nicholl help in his architectural studies 28th April-31st December 1887, translation in four languages on verso, Royal Institute of British Architects,

Item Date:  1887
Stock No:  12101      £25

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ARDIZZONE (Edward, 1900-1979, Artist and Illustrator)

Fine signature and date on an album leaf, January

Item Date:  1977
Stock No:  6765      £60

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ARDIZZONE (Edward, 1900-1979, Artist and Illustrator)

Drawing of a Landscape Signed 'E.A.' in black crayon on brown-pink paper, of farmhouses (one with a well) among trees with hills rising behind, 9¼" x 12½" in window mount 14½" x 17½", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1944
Stock No:  66252      £3750

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ARNALD (George, 1763-1841, Landscape Painter)

Autograph Letter Signed to Edward Wedlake Brayley, 1773-1854, the topographer and antiquarian, saying he fears this letter "comes too late to be of any service to poor Dayes", Edward, 1763-1804, the water colourist and engraver, "as I suppose the book is in circulation", Dayes' 'Works ... containing an excursion through the Principal Parts of Derbyshire and Yorkshire', just published by his widow, Arnald having passed through York believes "it can no longer bear a Dispute with any unprejudiced persons" that whatever "the Main Arch of Ouse Bridge ... may have been originally, it is now circular!", or rather "two portions" of circles "intersecting thus" with a little drawing, "which you will find very accurately attended to in Mr. Dayes Sketch and is not lost in the engraving of Messrs Cooks", there is also a "Circular crown ... more modern than the rest", the same subject "in the Beautys &c ... is so erroneous ... [as to be] fabricated ... These practices will and really do injure the reputation of a work, far beyond what may be gain'd by employing persons Capable of such practices", he begs Brayley not to say where he is for the time being, and refers in a P.S. to the "very honourable mention in the St. James's Chronicle" of "the Picture of Syr Reginalde", 3 sides 4to., address on fourth side, Ambleside, 20th June

Item Date:  1805
Stock No:  19716      £150

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