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ABBAMONTI (or Abamonte, Giuseppe, 1759-1819, Italian Lawyer and Minister)

Printed Route Schedule, from  Naples to Bari  and back, of the Neapolitan Royal Courier Service, with the times allowed between the 15 staging points, (between 1½ and 4 hours), and spaces for the times of arrival and departure to be inserted by the postmaster, made out for royal courier Commendatore Ferdinando Guidelli and signed 'Cav. Abamonte', almost every entry has been completed, often 'subito', meaning the post hardly stopped, also in manuscript a continuation from Bari to Lecce and back, in the blank portions of sides 2 and 4 are lists of similar entries, acknowledging the receipt or loading of a 'pacco' (package) or a 'valigia' (trunk), some of them at points between the printed stages, neatly printed on stout paper with the woodcut Royal Arms (for Joachim Murat) at the head, 4 sides 14" x 10¼", issued 5th September 1812, returning to Naples 11th September a little worn at folds but still legible there, a few small defects affecting one hand written note and one printed placename (easily supplied)

Item Date:  1812
Stock No:  54552      £325

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ADAMS-16743-1.jpg THE WAR OF 1898
ADAMS (Herbert Baxter, 1850-1901, first Professor of History at Johns Hopkins)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Ashworth', thanking him for Gladstone's 'Academic Sketch', and sending his photograph and his 'Public Speaking', with "some newspaper cuttings which will show you how the Spanish fleet was smashed in a running race. I was told, before the war, by a naval officer that we had the guns and the gunners. Schley & Dewey did up the Dons in quick time didn't they? The Army has been horribly mismanaged by the Government, but the soldiers got Santiago all the same. The fever is catching our poor fellows now ... it is a good move to pack off the Spanish army in their own merchantmen to Spain ... better than ... any invasion or further shelling of towns", 4 sides 8vo., Amherst, Mass., 30th July

Item Date:  1898
Stock No:  16743      £175

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AGNES (Sister, Founder of the King Edward VII's Hospital for Officers)

Autograph Note Signed saying "The tulips are perfect - I love them. Thank you my friend", 1 side 8vo., King Edward VII's Hospital for Officers, 17 Grosvenor Crescent, S.W.1., no date, c. short tears at top and bottom without loss

Item Date:  1910
Stock No:  14664      £35

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AINSLIE (Sir George Robert, 1776-1839, Governor of Dominica 1813-1814, General, Numismatist)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Rawlinson, Secretary to the Board of West India Commissioners, saying he has "by last packet written to my secretary for a proper account with the necessary vouchers &c:", the Treasury owes the writer "a considerable sum" including "£325 paid by their order" which has "totally escaped the notice of that office", 1 side 4to., address on conjugate leaf, Wellingore, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, 2nd September

Item Date:  1815
Stock No:  19993      £45

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ALCESTER (Frederick Beauchamp Paget Seymour, 1821-1895, 1st Baron, Admiral)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Gentlemen', saying "I will do what you ask as to giving a sitting", and thanking them for "the photograph of my excellent & gallant friend Lord Wolseley, it is one of the best likenesses I have seen", 1 side 8vo., H.M.S. Alexandra, Malta, 23rd February a few light damp marks

Item Date:  1883
Stock No:  16669      £45

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