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YOUNG (Arthur, 1741-1820, F.R.S., Agriculturist)

Autograph Letter Signed to Monsieur Maradan, publisher in Paris, at Rue du Cimetière, St. André des Arcs [now Arts], enclosing a letter [not present] for "Messrs. Benoist & Billecoque &c", the translators of his selected works, which Maradan printed under the auspices of the Directory in 18 vols. (1800-1801) as 'Le Cultivateur Anglois', acknowledging "your attention on this occasion", and asking for a copy of "the Translation & also of that of my Travels ... & a note of the price in Sterling money" which he would pay "to any person at London for you", 2 sides 4to, address on third side, no place, no date, c. fold strengthened, old neat repairs to spike holes but with loss of initial A in signature and most of addressee's surname in address panel

Item Date:  1800
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ZETLAND (2nd Earl, Thomas Lawrence, 1795-1873, Master of the Freemasons)

Fine signature and subscription from an Autograph Letter Signed, mounted with a contemporary engraving

Item Date:  0
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