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ALLNUTT (Moses, of London)

Group of 9 receipts signed for successive interest payments made by the Revd. John Briggs 'by the hands of Robt. Porteus', on £1700 (the last one £1400) at 4½% p.a., due half-yearly 11th October 1777 - 11th October 1781, two of the receipts are wholly in Allnutt's hand, London, 9th January 1778 - 7th February

Item Date:  1782
Stock No:  51188      £90

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ALLON (Revd. Dr. Henry, 1818-1892, President of the Congregational Union and editor of the British Quarterly Review)

Autograph Letter Signed to William Smith, of Morley, Yorkshire, thanking him for his "sumptuous book ... Every Englishman who can call Yorkshire his native county is proud to do so. - I will ... ask your acceptance of a small volume of sermons", with a magazine portrait of Allon, the letter 2 sides 8vo., 10 St. Mary's Road, Canonbury, N., 1st December item trimmed without loss, portrait laid down

Item Date:  1881
Stock No:  24316      £40

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[ALSOP (Anthony, 1671 or 1672 - 1726, Prebendary of Winchester 1715, Latin poet)]

MS Copy of his Latin hexameter verses addressed to John Nicoll, (1684 or 1685 - 1765, 2nd Master of Westminster, 1714, Headmaster 1733-1753), headed "D[omin]o Nicol A. Alsop", gently urging him to take a wife, rather in the manner of Gilbert's 'Take a pair of sparkling eyes', but in grammatical terms, talking of singular and plural, perfection in mood and figure, increasing in the genitive (like some 3rd declension nouns), principal parts ('genitum' follows 'genui'), altogether a most polished set of verses, 34 lines, this copy 2 sides 8vo., no date, c. small tear in bottom edge without loss of text

Item Date:  1750
Stock No:  51652      £375

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ALTIERI (Ludovico, 1805-1867, Cardinal, Governor of Rome, Prefect of the Congregation of the Index, Chancellor of Rome University)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed in Italian, with translation, to his nephew, (the Count di Colloredo), thanking him on behalf of Professor Gonzi ("the famous Mineralogist and Geologist, director of the Museum") and himself for the "most beautiful and rare exhibit your exquisite fossil from the Karst will make in the Geological-Mineralogical Museum of the University of Rome ... a notable addition to the extensive and deservedly admired collection which has grown so remarkably during Pius IX's reign ..." also thanking him for "the lead seals found in Aquileia, one of which deserves a special place in my collection ..." and for "the kind letter ... from the respected Vicar of Recanati, who has suffered so much for the church, especially in exile ... The good people of Recanati, and indeed the not-so-good Loretonians, ought to tell themselves how fortunate they are to have as Pastor the good Mgr. Galuzzi ...", 2 sides 4to., Rome, 3rd July

Item Date:  1867
Stock No:  4611      £175

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ALVERSTONE (Sir Richard Everard Webster, 1842-1915, Lord Chief Justice, 1st Viscount)

Autograph Letter Signed 'Richard E. Webster' to Horace, Lord Davey, (1833-1907, Appeal Judge), saying "Your kind wishes are very gratifying to me - I wish I could think I deserved all the pleasant things my friends say of me", 1 side 8vo., Hornton Lodge, Pitt Street, Kensington, W., 14th May transparent slip on left margin

Item Date:  1900
Stock No:  14679      £15

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