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ALVERSTONE (Sir Richard Everard Webster, 1842-1915, Lord Chief Justice, 1st Viscount)

Autograph Letter Signed to Horace, Lord Davey, (1833-1907, Appeal Judge), enclosing "the papers relating to the Jenkyns' Memorial" and asking him to forward them "to some other member as per enclosed list" (not present), 1 side 8vo. black-edged, Hornton Lodge, Pitt Street, Kensington, W., 19th July transparent slip on left margin, slight tear in right margin without loss

Item Date:  1901
Stock No:  14680      £15

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ALVERSTONE (Sir Richard Everard Webster, 1842-1915, Lord Chief Justice)

Autograph Letter Signed to W.S. Weeks saying he has already "spoken to Mr Middleton" and will "at once communicate with him again", 1 side 8vo, Attorney General's Chambers, 2 Pump Court, Temple, E.C., 2nd July

Item Date:  1887
Stock No:  17019      £15

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ANDERDON (William Henry, 1816-1890, Jesuit & Missionary)

Fine signature and subscription to Mrs Merewether

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  6754      £10

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ANDERSON (Wellwood, b. 1829, of Dumfries, Bookseller)

Long Autograph Letter Signed 'Wellwood' to his sister Agnes, (1825 or 1835-1905), saying "We have just come back from Church thro' a deluge of rain and as I see from yours that James", their brother Sir James ANDERSON (1824-1893, who captained the Great Eastern when she laid the first successful Atlantic cable in 1866), "is going to Annan tomorrow", he writes to enclose [not present] "young Austin's letter", (probably the son of the Rev. John Mein Austin, minister of St Mary's Dumfries, 1851-1861), "also one I had from Prof. Stevenson Macadam Edinb." (1829-1901, Professor of Chemistry), "anent Jamie's apprenticeship", (Wellwood's son, b. 1856), Wellwood and family are appreciating "home comforts after roughing it so long at Shore Cottage", worth it "if we keep a clean bill of health thro' the winter" at "the expense of being fashionable & leaving Town when everyone is away", in September they will be thankful "for the one quiet day in the week to look back on the past and forward to the future", life would be "wearisome ... without that one blessed day" that gives "a freshness to all the rest" and "revives the hearts of those who would otherwise despair", talking of their mother, (Agnes, née Richardson, 1794-1886), and of the visit of their brother Robert (b. circa 1827), "We had a great night at the Station the night he left, a lot of jolly company came to see him off", made more jolly by the "Train being 1½ hours late", Wellwood sends her "D[um]f]ries] Papers & Annan Observer, you will notice review of [Sir] James's Book", (Statistics of Telegraphy, 1872), "in Cuthbertson's paper, if he calls there he should take notice of it", Wellwood turns to son Jamie's situation, "We are advised by all to go in for the apprenticeship under Dr S. Macadam - he is nearly 16 ... & 3 years at business wd make him 19 - quite a man", and talks of living arrangements, he could board with Aunt Jane "& sleep with James Walters who is re-engaged with Cowans [the Edinburgh papermakers] at £50 p.a.", and go with James Walters to the "School of Arts this winter to study Mathematics Latin & French ... and help each other ... Jamie is not likely to change this long cherished hobby", Wellwood turns to "the address die" which he does not think "will look well for the envelopes - wd Maggie", apparently their stepmother Margaret Milligan, (1826-1891), "not rather have the original crest on them, either blind or in colours. McWhinnie", apparently their head of printing, "stamped off small Box of Baskerville [wove paper] ... you will observe the Die is very very faint for blind stamping ... Your affectionate Br[other]", crest of an oak with motto 'Stand Sure', 4 sides 8vo, Dumfries, 25th Augus

Item Date:  1872
Stock No:  56521      £175

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ANSALDI (Ansaldo, 1651-1719, judge and from 1717 Dean of the Court of the Sacred Rota, Chaplain to Pope Clement XI)

Document, in Latin with English summary, addressed to the Cardinal Papal Legate (Governor) of Bologna, and his deputy, also to the Cardinal Archbishop of Bologna and his Vicar General, to an immense list of types of official that are to take notice, and to defendants the Counts Catelano and Prosper Filippo Castelli reciting his commission to hear their appeal, but confirming now the previous judgment in favour of Counts Antonio Galeazzo Castelli and Bartolomeo and Baldassare Castelli for possession of the united benefices of SS. Maria and Luca of Castelli, plus the plaintiff's costs of 81 scudi and 6½ for the present document, with power to distrain on the possessions of the defendants if not paid. Subscribed by Soccorso de Amicis, Notary of the Sacred Rota, with his metal-stamp device and motto, small judge's wafer seal, vellum, 16½" x 7¾", Court of the Sacred Rota, Quirinal Palace, Rome, 7th July

Item Date:  1713
Stock No:  18726      £200

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