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ANSON (Hon. Adalbert John Robert, 1840-1909, first Bishop of Qu'Appelle 1884-1892)

Signed postcard photo as Canon of Lichfield, 15th August newspaper cutting attached at corner

Item Date:  1905
Stock No:  50264      £25

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[ANTRAIGUES (Louis de Launay, 1753-1812, Comte d', French publicist and political adventurer)]

Group of 16 Autograph Letter Signed, in French with checklist and translations, addressed to d'Antraigues, by James Tyrrell ROSS (Private secretary, 1807-1809, to George CANNING, the Foreign Secretary, later Prime Minister), written in increasingly familiar terms, but in very guarded language, Ross is acting as d'Antraigues' main contact with Canning and with 'Il', 'l'Ami' or 'votre Ami', whom he meets at Gloucester Lodge (Old Brompton, bought by Canning in 1809), thanking him for information, arranging for copies of leaflets to be distributed on the coast of France, referring to 'le Général' (probably Puisaye, see below), setting up meetings at dinner, and asking him to use an ordinary seal ('cachet') rather than his personal one, together 30 sides mostly 8vo, written from Spring Garden, St. James' Street, Gloucester Lodge, or the Foreign Office, 6th February - 18th December 1809 and no place, no date, but London c.

Item Date:  1809
Stock No:  51187      £1250

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ARBUTHNOT (George, 1802-1865, Treasury Official)

Autograph Note Signed "with ... compliments" to the Revd. E. Neale at Barbourne Lodge, Worcester, with envelope front and flap bearing Treasury seal, franked 'O.M.S.' with crowned 'Paid' stamp, 1 side 8vo., Treasury, 26th January

Item Date:  1842
Stock No:  18852      £20

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ARCELLA (Fabio, Bishop of Bisignano, Deputy to the Papal Governor of Bologna)

Document signed by his secretary Leo de Magistris, in Latin with English summary, in a fine clear script, allowing Giovanni Battista CASTELLI , (d. 1583), to hold united the parish of St. Bartolomeo della Beveraria, worth not more than 6 gold ducats p.a., free by the resignation of Dionisio Castelli, with the parish of St. Nicholas and St. Agata at Zola Predosa (8 miles west of Bologna), during the life of the applicant, and referring to the Constitutions of Boniface VIII (Pope, 1294-1303) on unions of this kind, vellum, 12½" x 21½", Bologna, 4th August lacks seal, with a few small holes just touching a few letters

Item Date:  1538
Stock No:  21901      £325

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ARCHDALL (Mervyn, 1833-1913, Bishop of Killaloe 1897-1912)

Autograph Letter in the third person to Lord Mayor and Lady Treloar, regretting that "Diocesan engagements" prevent his accepting for 3rd July, 1 side 8vo, Clarisford, Killaloe, Co. Clare, 6th June light traces of laying down on blank fourth side

Item Date:  1907
Stock No:  17303      £15

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