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ANDERSON (Sir John, 1882-1958, O.M., Civil Servant and Cabinet Minister, from 1952 1st Viscount Waverley)

Unsigned Photograph by J. Rhodes, inscribed in pencil "Thank you, Sir John Anderson", showing him reviewing the Auxiliary Fire Service Display and Inspection, the firemen in their helmets are drawn up on the right, Sir John is the third figure on the left, overhead is the arm of a crane marked 'Borough of Hornsey', with a compliments slip (unsigned) from Admiral Sir Edward R.G.R. Evans, 6" x 8" on card mount 9¾" x 13", Finsbury Park, 17th December a little light spotting on the mount, not affecting the image, light rust marks from clip on second item

Item Date:  1939
Stock No:  56232      £175

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[ANTRAIGUES (Louis de Launay, 1753-1812, Comte d', French publicist and political adventurer)]

Third person autograph letter from "Mr Cowper" to the "Count Dantrangues" (sic), saying he "is very sorry only now to have received Captain Bridges Letter, ... the bearer having misread the Direction & left the Letter with a person of the Name of Cook, in Lincoln's Inn, who forwarded it to another of the same Name, & it was only received by Mr Cowper from the latter," explaining that "he is confined today, by Indisposition, to his House in the Country, but hopes for the Honor of paying his Respects to Count Dantrangues tomorrow Morning", 1½ sides 4to.,West End, Hampstead, 9th September

Item Date:  1806
Stock No:  9158      £125

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[ARAÚJO LIMA (Pedro de, 1793-1873, Sole Regent of Brazil, 1837-1840, for Pedro II) and Bernardo PEREIRA DE VASCONCELLOS (1795-1850, Lawyer and Politician, Minister of Justice)]

Copy document, in Portuguese with translation, in the hand of and signed by Luiz JOAQUIM MARROCOS, later a royal librarian, with copy signatures of the above, saying that "the interim Regent, in the name of the Emperor Dom Pedro the Second, has though fit to revoke the appointment of Doctor Antonio Pinto Chichôrro da Gama", (1800-1887, Appeal Judge, Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice, 1860-1875), "as President of the Province of Rio de Janeiro, which was granted by Imperial Charter of 15th September last past, and which post he could not assume; and so, the antecedent Appointment of Doctor Paulino Jozé Soares de Souza ... remains in force", adding "Bernardo Pereira de Vasconcellos, Minister and Secretary of State for Judicial Affairs, presently in interim office for Imperial Affairs, is to ... order the necessary Official Communications to be executed and circulated", 1 side 11" x 7¾" and conjugate blank, Palace of Rio de Janeiro, 19th October

Item Date:  1837
Stock No:  53058      £125

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ARCHER (Lord Jeffrey, b.19, writer and politician)

Typed Letter Signed to Mr Griffin, thanking him for his letter "regarding the celebrity auction that you are organising", he goes on to say he is "delighted to enclose a signed copy of my latest bookand may i take every opportunity to wish you and all those involved with the event every success withyour efforts," signed "Yours sincerely", 1 side A4, House of Lords, 28th September

Item Date:  1994
Stock No:  25769      £40

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ARGYLL (John Campbell, K.G., 1845-1914, from 1900 9th Duke, Governor-General of Canada, son-in-law of Queen Victoria)

Autograph Letter Signed to Colonel Gray, asking if "the Ice-League of Moray ... may have your Subscription for 1911?", 1 side 8vo., no place, 1st June small area of discoloration on blank side 4

Item Date:  1912
Stock No:  53883      £30

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