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YORKE (Hon. Alexander Grantham, 1847-1911, fifth son of the 4th Earl of Hardwicke, Extra Groom in Waiting to Edward VII, 1901)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Mrs Evy', saying he is "sorry you are not coming to England but I am not sure but that you are wise ... I am told all food will be doubled in price & house rents are enormous. The drawing room lists are all closed now & I fear it is hopeless to try and get in. I hear from an old friend of mine who is publishing a book that he too is advised to postpone it till after the Jubilee ... I am so glad you have seen Lady Lytton. I got a glimpse of her in Paris ... I know nothing yet about my waiting but if I am on duty during June I shall try & let my new house for the month & make a little money ... It was very nice of Sir Arthur to say what he did ... I have not forgotten the buttons for baby's brooch but am on the look out for them", 4 sides 8vo., 32 Orchard Street, W., 25th April no year.

Item Date:  1887
Stock No:  13570      £40

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ZEDDELER (Julia, b. 1866, Ballerina, sister of the ballerina Matilda Kschessinska, 1872-1971, and wife of Alexander, Baron)

Autograph letter signed, in Russian with translation, to her nephew Slava Kschessinsky (Astafiev) (d. 1976), sending him and his wife best wishes for Christmas, "please do not scold me for not writing for so long and for not sending the photographs you asked for ... Aunt Mala is guilty ... she was so busy, in the end she had her photograph copied and mine and Vova's she forgot. Aunt Mala sends hers as a present ... but I beg you to make a copy of mine and Vova's and return them to us as we have not got any more ...We are always thinking of you", 2 sides card, Paris, 20th December

Item Date:  1937
Stock No:  17219      £375

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ZOG I (Ahmed Bey Zogu, 1895-1961, King of Albania 1928-1939, and his Queen, GERALDINE, b. 1915, née Apponyi de Nagy-Apponyi)

Fine pair of signatures on card, n.d., c.

Item Date:  1960
Stock No:  19861      £425

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