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BATTEN (Jean, 1909-1982, Early Aviatrix who broke Amy JOHNSON's record for the flight from England to Australia, and Writer)

Very Fine Photo Signed and dated showing her head and shoulders wearing her flying hat and goggles, 8½" x 6½", Estonia,

Item Date:  1939
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BATTEN (Jean, 1909-1982, Early Aviatrix who broke Amy JOHNSON’s record for the flight from England to Australia, and Writer)

First Day Cover Signed with the 12p stamp showing the Palace of Westminster issued on 3rd September 1975, with the stamp of the 40th Anniversary of Batten’s Solo Record Breaking Flight from England to New Zealand, signed on the blank address space next to a picture of her and of her flying, stamped on the verso Christchurch International Airport, inside is a photo of Batten in her flying suit next to her plane, 10th October

Item Date:  1976
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BEAMONT (Revd. William John, 1828-1868, Fellow of Trinity College and Vicar of St. Michael's, Cambridge, Hon. Secretary of the Cambridge School of Art) and HEKEKYAN BEY (Joseph, 1807-1875, Armenian Egyptologist, the first to use geological stratigraphy in excavation)

Printed Ticket headed 'Cambridge School of Art Excursion to Barrington' (southwest of Cambridge), giving admission "to Amusements in Grounds and to Tea in School at Six o'Clock", with details of train times and fares, round Beamont's name is handwriting so as to read "in W.J. Beamont's rooms", with another note in his hand "We met him & his wife in Aug 1862" and the message by Hekekyan on the verso, 2½" x 3½", 3rd July

Item Date:  1861
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BEECHEY (Sir William, 1753-1839, Painter)

Autograph Letter to James NORTHCOTE (James, 1746-1831, Historical & Portrait Painter, R.A., & Author) "or in his absence Wm Owen Esq. Royal Academy" (William, 1769-1825, Portrait Painter) saying that as he is "so extremely ill that I cannot venture out today without the greatest danger, I must therefore beg that Mr Owen and yourself will excuse my non attendance ...", 1 side 8vo., with original autograph address leaf, no place, Tuesday morning, no date, in a fine red leather case with a crest on the front and the words "Autographe de Sir W. Beechey", corners of address leaf damaged at seal opening

Item Date:  0
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BISHOP (Isabella Lucy, née Bird, 1831-1904, Traveller & Authoress)

Important Autograph Letter signed ‘Isabella L. Bird’ to Rev. Dr William Garden BLAIKIE (1820-1899, Scottish Minister, Writer, Biographer and Temperance Reformer), saying that “On Friday or Saturday I hope to send you my first paper on the Sandwich Islands. I hope the sub-editor will not take this as any encouragement to put in unwarranted announcements for the future, and that you will regard it as a work of most meritorious supererogation! We were at Oban for nearly three weeks, as usual in drowning rain. I fear there will be a great division in the congregation. There is a very bad spirit among a Section of the people which did not spare their pastor even on his death bed. Mr Cameron’s quiet heroism during his illness and his bearing towards his people gave another proof of the greatness with which eternity often invests men who are not great by nature. One could not form a higher wish for one’s own death than that it should be as holy and serene as his was. It is perfectly warm and sultry in London. I don’t wonder that the heat of India makes... daughter in law feel as if she ‘must be lazy’. It is hotter by far than the tropical Sandwich Islands. I heard ‘Father Ignatius preach like a reformer and pray like a revivalist, and the Bishop of Carlisle preach a most childish sermon to a miniscule crowd in the nave of Westminster Abbey on Sunday. I hope to hear Mr Dykes next Sunday, but the London distances are enormous and I retain my prejudice against the employment of men or beasts on Sunday...”, ending by asking him to acknowledge receipt of her manuscript, 3 sides 8vo., 16 Oakley Square, London, N.W. no date but annotated as

Item Date:  1874
Stock No:  42144      £575

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