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ALEXANDER (Lance Corporal 1/5 Buffs, of the Indian Expeditionary Force "D" to Mesopotamia)

Long Autograph Letter Signed signed 'Sandro' in pencil, to Martin Wood at the Chelsea Arts Club, saying "Fancy my finding myself in this part of the world at last! It's the 3rd time that I've volunteered ... There is seldom more than one point of excitement ... it may be a cluster of palms about the reed huts of an Arab encampment - or a majestic dhow sailing down the river", near a village "an excited crowd of men women & children ... run along the banks with fowls eggs, & fish to sell ... They are ... classicly grand ... Yesterday a tall beauty reminded me ... in features & pose of the tragic musing girl in Walker's "Vagrants" ... The day before yesterday we passed Kurnah the site of the Garden of Eden ... Since we left the Gulf for the river, we have been steaming for 5 days & it is at least another 3 before we reach the farthest line of the British conquest", he talks of the marvellous fertility of the riverside, "If her vision were not obscured by the startling events nearer home", Great Britain "would rub her eyes to see this enormous rich gain to her Empire ... I wonder if the Dilettanti still meet ... I like to imagine you stepping into the breach & giving a paper", he jokes about the subject of his next, envelope with F.P.O. postmark, 3 sides 8vo., 'On the Tigris - past Ezra's Tomb', c/o Postmaster, Bombay, 17th November

Item Date:  1917
Stock No:  19959      £350

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[AMUNDSEN (Roald, 1872-1928, Norwegian explorer, the first man to reach the South Pole)]

Commemorative stamp from Malawi in the complete sheet celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the First Successful navigation of the Northwest Passage, 4" x 3", Malawi,

Item Date:  2006
Stock No:  39693      £35

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AMUNDSEN (Roald, 1872-1928, Norwegian explorer, the first man to reach the South Pole)

Fine Signature on a card, 4½" x 3½", no place, dated in another hand, 1st August

Item Date:  1925
Stock No:  40332      £500

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Pictorial Menu of the 'Old Boys Association' 15th Annual Dinner, the cover has a humorous drawing of the cadets trying to secure an airship, which is tangling with a country inn marked 'The White Horse' and a light aircraft, while a bugler sounds the alert, 4 sides 8" x 5", White Horse Restaurant, Holborn, London, 26th January

Item Date:  1935
Stock No:  52747      £25

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ARMSTRONG (Neil A., 1930-2012, American Astronaut, 1st Man on the Moon), Charles 'Pete' CONRAD Jr(1930-1999, American Astronaut, 3rd Man to walk on the Moon, Apollo 12), Alan BEAN (born 1932, Astronaut and 4th Man to walk on the Moon, Apollo 12), Alan "Al" SHEPARD Jr. (1923-1998, 5th and oldest person to walk on the Moon, Apollo 14), Edgar MITCHELL (1930-2016, American Astronaut, 6th Man to walk on the Moon, Apollo 14), James 'Jim' IRWIN (1930-1991, American Astronaut, 8th Man to walk on the Moon, Apollo 15) and Charles DUKE (born 1935, 10th and youngest Man to walk on the Moon, Apollo 16)

Official NASA colour reproduction of an artist's drawing depicting an Apollo Lunar module on the surface of the moon in June 1969, signed by seven of the twelve men who walked on the Moon during the Apollo Space project, NASA stamps on the verso, 10" x 8", no place, no date circa

Item Date:  1975
Stock No:  38547      £12500

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