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A'BECKETT (Arthur William, 1844-1909, of 'Punch')

Autograph Letter Signed to J.F. Boyes, saying he thinks "our engraver is more at home with pen and ink than anything else. As to the size - it should be larger than the proposed block.. If the drawing is on paper it can be photographed to the required size", 1 side 8vo., Punch Office, 10 Bouverie Street, Whitefriars, E.C., 21st November

Item Date:  1888
Stock No:  16716      £15

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ACTON (Sir Harold, 1904-1994, Poet, Novelist, Historian and Connoisseur)

Autograph Letter Signed to ‘Dear Buckley’ thanking him for writing to him “about my Memoirs, which might strike some people as conceited but, as I explained, I had to defend myself against sharp shooters in the shrubberies! One’s recollections of Eton are among the most vivid, and your extract from the old ‘Tatler’ brought them back to me - Feversham and Schreiber I remember well, and the former’s mother Lady Marjorie Beckett, the type that Rubens would have admired. No doubt you have seen Jacqueline Lancaster’s book about Brian Howard who was so brilliant and full of promise in his youth. Dyson’s and the fantastic Miss Alexander Rowland’s, Little Brown’s, Queen’s Eyot, Datchet, naughtiness under the arches, Conybeare and Micky Bland, C.O.Bevan and myriads of others are far clearer to me than last week’s tourist visitors (who come here by the dozen with their Cameras... our Etonian friends were originals and individuals). I seldom stray from Florence but, when I do, I should be delighted to look you up...”, 2 sides folio, La Pietra, Florence, Via Bolognese 120, 17th July

Item Date:  1970
Stock No:  42603      £225

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ADAMS (Richard George, 1920-2016, Novelist, Author of Watership Down, Shardik and Plague Dogs)

Typed Letter Signed with Autograph salutation, subscription and annotation to Miss Pearse, thanking her for her “charming letter... In the *autobiography, I was particularly trying to make younger people more aware of how completely different everything was before the second world war. Although I was born as recently as 1920, I have always thought that the first world war, despite the appalling casualties, did not have anything like the same effect upon English society and institutions as Hitler’s war did. There really is a great gulf between the pre-war world that existed up till 1940, and the world which succeeded ii... the car you refer to must have been a De Dion Bouton. I know my father had one during the Edwardian decade... What a great blessing it is... to have had a happy childhood...”, his annotation says “*Days Gone By - Author of many books including Watership Down”, 1 side oblong 8vo., on a folded card with a picture of Church Street and Market Place, Whitchurch, 14th November

Item Date:  1990
Stock No:  40138      £475

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AGATE (James Evershed, 1877-1947, Author and Drama Critic)

2 Autograph Letter Signed 'J.A.' and 1 Typed Letter Signed 'J.A.' to George Richards, saying "That was an enchanting letter about the accouchement. It will go into 'Ego 8'. What nonsense! It has already gone!! And now, please, no more about Bluebell for quite a time. I loathe cats! ... I have just spent the week-end with a cat-lover ... Give me squirrels or pandars [sic] or anything rather than those utterly selfish masters and mistresses of deceit & guile" (29th May 1945), "Can't understand your telegram. I am not an authority on da Vinci. If 'Ceracolo' is wrong what is right? I am quoting a retired Colonel who is quoting the Duchess of Sermoneta who is quoting Viardot ... If you know the right name, say so. If not shut up, like the nice witty fellow you are!!!!" (7th November 1945), "I gave 'The Archers' permission. I don't want this to bring about the end of a friendship, but could there be a little less about [the cat] Bluebell ... just as I have no doubt horses bore you. Did I write dithyrambically last week to tell you how Lady Viking dropped a beautiful filly foal ... which had to be destroyed?", listing his ailments, "I ... really can't risk an attack of Pussyitis" (27th May 1947), in all 3 sides 8vo. and 1 side 4to., Queen Alexandra Mansions, Grape Street, W.C.2., 29th May 1945-27th May

Item Date:  1947
Stock No:  12088      £150

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AGATE (James Evershed, 1877-1947, Author and Drama Critic)

Fine Signature on a card, 3½” x 2½”, no place, dated in another hand, May

Item Date:  1930
Stock No:  42403      £30

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