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BADEN-POWELL (Robert, Lord, 1857-1941, Defender of Mafeking & Founder of the Boy Scouts)

Exceptional early postcard photo signed "Robert Baden Powell" and dated with an autograph amendment next to the printed title "Chief of Scouts Lt Genl Baden Powell", he has overwritten the initials which must have been 'CB' with 'K.C.B.', the image shows him three quarters length in ceremonial scouting uniform & hat, leaning on a staff, 5½" x 3½", no place, November

Item Date:  1909
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BARROW (Sir John, 1764-1848, Secretary of the Admiralty)

Fine Autograph Letter signed to Richard Norman "with reference to you Letter of the 5th Instant relative to your son Lieutenant Henry Alan Norman, I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to acquaint you that your son was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on the 3rd of September 1841 and as he has not since been appointed to any ship it is presumed he will return to England. I am further to acquaint you that the commission promoting him is with the Chief Clerk of this office and will be delivered to any person authorised to receive it on the payment of the stamp duty of 5/- ...", 2 sides folio with integral autograph address leaf with seal, Admiralty, 13th September

Item Date:  1842
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BARROW (Sir John, 1764-1848, Secretary of the Admiralty)

Fine Autograph Letter signed to Sir Graham HAMOND (1779-1862, Admiral of the Fleet) saying that he has "laid before my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty your letter of the 7th December ... enclosing on from Commodore Mason, on the subject of the storehouses at Valparaiso. I am commanded by their Lordships to signify their direction to you to cause one store only to be continued until further orders ...", 1 side folio, Admiralty, 9th March

Item Date:  1836
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BARROW (Sir John, 1764-1848, Secretary of the Admiralty) and George ELLIOT (1784-1863, Admiral, served in the Napoleonic Wars and the First Opium War)

Fine Document signed, printed with the details filled in by hand by Barrow, to Mr James Mayning Boatswain of H.M.S. Donegal appointing him "Boatswain of His Majesty's Ship Talavera ...", from the Commissioners of the Lord High Admiral, signed at the end by Barrow, Elliot and Troubridge, 1 side folio with blank address leaf annotated Talavera N7, Admiralty, 19th March

Item Date:  1836
Stock No:  39673      £225

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[BARROW (Sir John, 1764-1848, Secretary of the Admiralty)]

Interesting manuscript notebook by Laura BATTY, (1832-1909) his granddaughter entitled "A Brief Sketch of the Life of the late Sir John Barrow Bart", starting by talking about the Hoad Monument "It stands not only as a memorial of a 'Self made man' whose memory is still cherished in this Native place, but is also of great use as a landmark to Sailors on that Coast ...", she goes on to speak of his childhood and his love of gardening and planting trees, on his 80th birthday "a Flag was hoisted in the Rowan Tree which he had planted when a boy ...", it goes on to recount how he and a friend managed to get a Sunday School started in Ulverstone, she continues with his after school career "he was sent, with Mr Walkers nephew, to take an accurate and complete survey of the very extensive estates of Conished Priory. He says he learnt much in this way and a few years afterwards wrote a book on Mathematical Instruments, and was not a little delighted to send the first fruits of his pen, £20 to his mother ...", she quotes Barrow as saying that he always had "an inherent and inveterate hatred of idleness ..." and so he studied "Mathematics, Magnetism and Astronomy. He then at the age of fourteen he had an offer to Superintend the workmen and to keep the account of a large Iron Factory in Liverpool ...", a post he continued in after the death of the owner Mr Walker, "it is interesting here to remark that he made acquaintance with Leonardi, who came to the factory to ask if he could be supplied with iron filings in order to inflate his Balloon with inflammable gas, the first he believed that had been sent up in England, at least with any persons in it. 'This new species of flight into the air took hold of my fancy and I prevailed on Leonardi to let me accompany him, to which he made no objection provided the balloon would rise with both which was a point he could not say however when the day of trial came the balloon was found wanting it rose tardily with Leonardi alone and I was to be content to remain below' ...", later he met "Captain Potts who had been recommended to take a trip to Greenland for his health. This gentleman offered to take John Barrow as his companion in his whale ship to the frozen seas. 'Nothing ... could have occurred more opportune or more consonant with my wishes' and this, no doubt, commenced his ardour for Arctic Expeditions ...", the text continues about his growing naval career and navigational skills, how he took a job teaching mathematics at Greenwich, then, "through the influence of Sir George Staunton ... he had the good fortune to have his name enrolled as Comptroller of the Household to Lord Macartney in his Embassy to China, who desired him to look after and hasten the completion of several mathematical, Philosophical, and scientific instruments and works of Art, to be taken as presents to the Emperor of China ... he left Portsmouth 1792, and returned to England in 1794, having travelled some twelve or thirteen hundred miles through the heart of the Chinese Empire ..." the journal follows his travels to the Cape of Good Hope, where he explored the unmapped country and enquired into "the quarrels which were constantly taking place between the Boars and the Kaffirs ..." and he was pleased to find some Moravian Missionaries with a well orderer colony, "Six hundred Hottentots had been brought together by these good people, and the number was daily increasing ... member of the English poor are not half so well off ... Many learn trades, and are paid as soon as they can earn wages ...", she then relates more of his journey and problems with lack of water, Barrow said that he had "travelled every part of the Colony of that Cape of Good Hope, and visited the several countries of the Kaffirs, the Hottentots and the Bosjesmen, performing a journey exceeding three thousand miles on horseback, on foot and very rarely in a covered waggon ....", Lord Macartney said of his journey that "his map must be particularly valuable as it is the only one that can be at all depended on ...", there is then an account of an uprising of the Boars that he took over and a brief outline of the rest of his life, his marriage, his publications and his appointments, 31 sides 8vo., Ridgmount House, no date but circa

Item Date:  1850
Stock No:  39690      £1750

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