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BALMORAL CASTLE (Queen Victoria's residence on Deeside, Scotland)

Attractive letterhead view showing the castle in the distance over the trees, in the foreground is a farm with extensive buildings, fields and corn riggs, with a horse and heavily laden cart, 2" x 5¼", lithographed by G. Robb, Aberdeen, no date, circa one or two flourishes at foot from former letter

Item Date:  1860
Stock No:  52889      £45

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BARRINGTON (Jane Elizabeth, 1804-1883, Lady of the Bedchamber to the Dowager Queen Adelaide, wife of the 6th Viscount)

Signature and subscription from the end of a letter, 1 side 1¼" x 4½", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1850
Stock No:  53818      £15

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[BATTENBERG (Prince Henry Maurice, 1858-1896, Colonel, Husband of Princess Beatrice, youngest daughter of Queen Victoria, father of Ena, Queen of Spain)]

Exceptional collection of 4 large format unsigned photos and 9 cabinet format photos, a pen and ink drawing of the Prince on his Ashanti Expedition and a photo of the Expedition, the large photos are the last formal pictures of the Prince taken before he left for his ill-fated Ashanti expedition, against the wishes of Queen Victoria and show him three quarters length in various poses, 11" x 7½", and the cabinets are from the same sittings, 6" x 4", the sketch is annotated by Ena underneath "On the road to Kumassi, January 1896 (Ashanti Expedition)" and shows the party resting in the Jungle, 8" x 6", the photo which has the same annotation underneath shows members of the Expedtion, 6½" x 4½", Windsor, Osborne & Ashanti, 1895 and January

Item Date:  1896
Stock No:  29048      £750

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[BATTENBERG (Prince Henry Maurice, 1858-1896, Colonel, Husband of Princess Beatrice, youngest daughter of Queen Victoria, father of Ena, Queen of Spain)]

Fine Large Unsigned Photograph of his Funeral, showing the coffin about to be lifted from the gun-carriage outside the lych-gate of the church on its way inside, in the middle ground are the many royals who attended, among them, named in the margin below, are his brothers Louis (1st Marquess of Milford Haven, father of Earl Mountbatten), Alexander (Alexander I of Bulgaria), and Franz Joseph (son-in-law of Nikola I of Montenegro), the Prince of Wales (Edward VII), the Grand Duke of Hesse (Louis' father-in-law), the Duke of York (George V), the Duke of Fife, Prince Albert of Prussia (Regent of Brunswick, representing Wilhelm II) and the Duke of Connaught. Down the lane is a stream of people in full dress uniform, and looking over the hedge on the right a crowd of local people. On the verso are photographs of Whippingham Church, the Terraces in front of Osborne House and 'Looking towards the Solent' (with another, partly trimmed), the main photograph 8" x 11½" on card 10½" x 11¾", Whippingham, Isle of Wight, 5th February

Item Date:  1896
Stock No:  56222      £325

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[BATTENBERG (Prince Henry Maurice, 1858-1896, Colonel, and his wife Princess BEATRICE, 1857-1944, youngest daughter of Queen Victoria)]

Fine unsigned cabinet photo by Carl Backofen, showing the couple half-length sitting together, 6½" x 4½", no place, Darmstadt trimmed at the bottom, traces of mount on verso

Item Date:  1891
Stock No:  29661      £150

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