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BAILLIE-HAMILTON (Charles William, 1900-1939, Conservative Politician)

Signed Portrait Photograph by Elliott & Fry, showing him half length, three quarter face to the viewer with a serious but pleasing gaze, 7¼" x 6" in mount 11¾" x 8½", no place, no date, circa two small defects near wearer's left jacket lapel

Item Date:  1935
Stock No:  56216      £150

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BALDWIN (Dame Lucy, 1869-1945, née Ridsdale, G.B.E., Countess, wife of Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, 1st Earl)

Autograph letter signed to Mrs Browne, thanking her for sending "your good wishes to help us on our way with this heavy responsibility. It does help", with a P.S. "I have had to scratch the Fête except the opening part", 1 side 8vo, 26th May light trace of fold

Item Date:  1923
Stock No:  52887      £30

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BALDWIN (Stanley, 1867-1947, Prime Minister)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed in full to 'Dear Arkwright' saying that his "agent is anxious to circulate some copies of that excellent letter on the Hop Bill which you composed for the Hop Member's signaturs. Can you tell me where I can get a copy? I could soon have as many printed as I required ..." he hopes he will enjoy his holiday and return "like a giant refreshed ...", he asks if he needed that "Kidderminster boy after all? ..." and recommends a book by Lowe Dickinson, 2 sides 8vo., Astley Hall, nr Stourport headed paper, 20th December

Item Date:  1908
Stock No:  38882      £125

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BALDWIN (Stanley, 1867-1947, Prime Minister)

Typed Letter Signed as Prime Minister to E. K. ALLEN Sir Ernest King (1864-1937, Lawyer, Public Trustee) informing him that "the King has been pleased to express his willingness to confer upon you the honour of Knighthood. May I take this opportunity of conveying my congratulations upon so signal a mark of His Majesty's favour and request that you will be good enough to commucicate [sic] with me at your earliest convenience in order that I may cause the necessary steps to be taken ...", 1 side 4to.,10 Downing Street headed paper, 22nd December slightly soiled

Item Date:  1923
Stock No:  38742      £150

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BALDWIN (Stanley, 1867-1947, Prime Minister)

Affectionate Autograph Letter Signed as Prime Minister to 'My dear Mary' (Butler) starting by saying that if he can't "drop the 'Miss Butler' now I am sixty, well, what's the good of being grown up? ..." apologising for "yesterday. I was coming over a year ago and was prevented by a lively abscess ... and I never wrote to tell you why I had let you down. So I was very chary about fixing a day, only meaning to come before I returned to London. I ought to have sent you a telegram. It was a great disappointment but I am only stimulated by failure and I shall try again ... I wanted your combined views on the Prayer Book. It would be fun if I could drive from Chequers at Easter: it would be a wonderful drive ...", 2 sides 8vo., with original autograph envelope, 10 Downing Street headed paper, 10th January

Item Date:  1928
Stock No:  38693      £225

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