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BADEN-POWELL (Sir George Smyth, 1847-1898, Author & Politician)

Autograph Letter Signed to H. Sulivan, thanking him for a copy of "your valuable paper before the Royal United Service Institution ... No doubt you are aware that the various phases of the question ... were prominently discussed many years ago ... organising the defence forces of the Empire on some common foundation ...", 4 sides 8vo., 114 Eaton Square, 2nd April first page yellowed

Item Date:  1895
Stock No:  4806      £35

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BAGLIONE (Paolo II, Venetian Printer, Publisher and Bookseller)

Fine Woodcut Device of the family's 'Black Eagle', double-headed and crowned, clasping bunches of apples, with the monogram PB on its breast, 3" x 4" (7.8cm x 10cm), old pencilled note on verso with date

Item Date:  1740
Stock No:  50827      £35

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BAGNOLD (Enid, Lady Jones, 1889-1981, Novelist & Playwright, wife of Sir G. Roderick Jones)

Fine Autograph Note Signed to Roger Thornton , "With best wishes from"

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  9568      £12

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BAILEY (Philip James, 1816-1902, Poet and Botanist)

Autograph Letter Signed to  Alfred William BENNETT , (1833-1902, Lecturer in Botany at Bedford College and St. Thomas' Hospital), asking him to "accept my thanks for the Specimen No. just received of your interesting series of portraits ... as soon as I visit London ... not before October ... I will take the opportunity of calling upon you", 2 sides 8vo., with conjugate blank, Inisfail Cottage, St. Peter's Valley, Jersey, 10th April trace of mounting at foot of conjugate blank verso

Item Date:  1864
Stock No:  13878      £35

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BAKER (George, 1781-1851, Historian of Northamptonshire)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Sir', in pencil, thanking him for "your kind offer to take us to the Stafford Gallery but we have been two or three times ... we have an engagement in Marchmont Street at 5 o'clock" but will call "at Burton St. in the Evg for the chance of seeing Mr. & Mrs. B.", written on the cover sheet of a letter (not present) addressed to him, 1 side 4to., British Museum, no date, c.

Item Date:  1830
Stock No:  19874      £35

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