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CALDERON (Philip Hermogenes, 1833-1898, R.A., Painter)

Autograph Letter Signed to Francis Jessopp, saying "Abraham Cooper R.A. ... died many years ago, and before I was a member of the Academy. He certainly was not the father of my colleague T. Sidney Cooper ... I have never heard of his signature ... being peculiar - His 'Diploma Picture' hangs on our walls (open every day free to the public) and an inspection of it, would tell you more about his style than mere written descriptions ...", 2 sides 7" x 4½", Burlington House, Piccadilly, 21st January

Item Date:  1889
Stock No:  54703      £65

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CALDERON (Philip Hermogenes, 1833-1898, R.A., Painter)

Signature and Subscription from the end of a letter, no date, circa

Item Date:  1880
Stock No:  55811      £20

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CALLCOTT (Sir Augustus Wall, 1779-1844, Landscape Painter)

Enigmatic Autograph Letter Signed to George COOKE (1781-1834, Engraver and Print Publisher, Brother of W. B. Cooke and father of the Marine Painter Edward William, 1811-1880, RA) saying that he has "given me a puzzler! After going through all your fors and againsts I can only make out that Sunday I am not to come because you will want me at another time putting everything out of the question that has nothing to do with it - physical or otherwise - and without any unnecessary preliminary discussion I will humbly say that as in the first ordination of nature the primary matters of which Chaos was construct to render most perfect confusion where confusion was the sole object - and further as it is well known that all causation is the effect of the cause that has another cause and still further that if something be added to nothing the increase will be indivisible so I think may be trebly considered on this occasion your confusion or Chaos ... as I always give up my opinion and prefer that of others to my own when I know they know best so I deem it quite unnecessary that you should wait to submit the plate to me previous to 'entering process' and therefore shall hope to find you up to your elbows when I arrive... if the coaches should not prove perfidious. If there be any truth in Man and if there be nothing in the art of engraving that militates against the aforesaid trust then I ask of you to ... let no ceremonious scruples prevent the aqua fortis from bursting its present bonds as soon as possible ...", ending with a postscript of several sketches of heads, 3 sides 4to., with integral autograph address leaf with seal, Kensington, 28th May

Item Date:  1824
Stock No:  40068      £175

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CAMONDO (Count Isaac de, 1851-1911, Member of the House of Camondo, Art Collector, Philanthropist)

Autograph Letter signed, in French with translation, to 'Madam' acknowledging receipt “of a registered letter containing 1,500 francs which you deliver to me in the name of Mister Jules Huret. Please, Madam, accept the assurance of my respectful sentiments...”, 2 sides 8vo., no place, Saturday, October

Item Date:  1898
Stock No:  41857      £75

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[CARLYLE (Thomas, 1795-1881, Historian)]

Fine Caricature Portrait in Colours from Vanity Fair, by 'Ape', (Carlo Pellegrino), showing him in a buff outdoor coat, with a bent neck, walking stick and a straw hat with an enormous brim, the expression on his face reflecting his description below as 'The Diogenes of the Modern Corinthians without the Tub', with the original printed description, a perceptive review of his writings and attitudes in the past and in the current crisis of the Franco-Prussian War, No. 12 in the series 'Men of the Day', 2 separate sides 14" x 9¼", 21st October

Item Date:  1870
Stock No:  56046      £125

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